April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Hibana



Sometimes in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, creating an explosive entrance isn’t as helpful as creating a smaller detonation in enemy defenses. The special method of penetrating solid walls of Hibana can be surprisingly effective and should be considered while playing, so this tutorial will take you through shades of her abilities, as well. like the guns and gadgets she provides.

Hibana operator guide


As one of the DLC’s moderators, Hibana fulfills a particularly popular role of piercing enemy fortifications, especially the reinforced walls and reinforced obstacles of the Castle.

Contrary to popular belief, she does not replace for Thermite. Thermite can make MANY larger holes and performs much better on outward-facing objectives. He’s also a much better man due to the extra armor.

Hibana’s Stats

Armor: 1

Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts



Type-89: It can take away all the aiming, barrel, grip, and sub-barrel accessories commonly available for AR. Its lethality and recoil are very good with a low magazine capacity making it a one-touch weapon.


This shotgun may have the following attachments:

  • Reflex Sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red dot sight
  • Laser

It has low damage and long-range, but it has the best kills of any shotgun in the game.


Bearing 9 Machine Pistol:

This weapon can have the following attachments:

  • Holographic Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Laser
  • Compensator
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Flash Hider

This weapon fits the SMG-11, has an insane rate of fire, controllable recoil, and does great damage against such a small weapon.

I won’t even mention the pistol. It’s not even worth taking because of how great Bearing is.

Gadgets of Hibana

She has access to the stun grenade and charges violation. With the breach fee setup of Hibana along with her sticky explosion charge, this can be a useful combination for disorienting the enemy, especially if other party members also have explosive devices for breaking walls. The stun grenade is also great as something to throw in as soon as the hole is made.


With the 40mm X-Kairos grenade launcher, Hibana is able to knock down reinforced walls or castle barriers with ease. Of course, you can use them on walls and floors.

Each pellet can be fired from the front to create a smaller hole, which could be a good tactical tactic, and the back of the walls is normal. However, if they are shot against reinforced walls or obstacles, defenders cannot shoot them from behind the walls to prevent them from exploding. They do less damage compared to Thermite’s supernatural violation charge.

Should I pick Hibana?

Since Hibana only had three six-bullet bullets and the destructive power wasn’t as great as the other offending handlers, more coordination would be needed to use her.

However, those synced with another operator like Thermite or Ash can pose a problematic world for super-defensive operators. Her gun is also quite good so she can hold out in fights, but she is one of the weaker attackers in terms of defense so she shouldn’t take the lead.