April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Iana



The new Dutch attacker, Iana, could create a hologram of herself (reflecting any aesthetic customization to be even more convincing). After activating the Gemini Replicator utility, she reproduces and manipulates the hologram from the first perspective. The hologram moves and sounds like her, making it difficult for Defenders to distinguish which she is real and which is the hologram. Hologram can’t be shot, melee, or use of add-ons, but it’s a powerful deception that Defenders can always guess.

Iana (Attacker)

  • Name: Nienke Meijer
  • Origin: Katwijc, Netherlands
  • Gadget: Gemini Replicator
  • Stats: Speed 2 / Armour 2
  • Primary Weapon: ARX200 Assault Rifle / G36-C Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: MK1 9mm Handgun
  • Equipment: Frag Grenade / Smoke Grenade

Weapon loadout


The ARX200 is a good gun, don’t get us wrong here. However, we really didn’t like that little 20 bullet clip.

If you like ARX200, try it with a flash hider. The gun works really well with this barrel!

Now when it comes to download options for the G36C.

We recommend two potential set types due to the popular gameplay that Iana offers. So your setup with this gun will depend on your style:

  • Entry fragging – 1x sight
  • Support-oriented – 2.0x scope

There is not much debate here. Ubisoft did not give us the option to choose any secondary weapon other than the MK1.

As in the case of most operators, the suppressor isn’t necessary for Iana. Her playstyle doesn’t revolve around sneaky things, unlike Nokk’s or Caveira’s.

The muzzle brake significantly improves the pistol recoil, so it’s a great choice for the MK1.

Gadgets of Iana

Both grenade types available are a good choice!

The choice mainly depends on how you plan to play and what your team needs.

We often run Frag grenades on Iana because they improve her already very good framing potential.

Frags are useful for dealing with solid defenders and dealing with defensive conveniences.

  • Smoke grenades, on the other hand, are useful if:
  • Your team has no other attackers with smoke
  • You tend to play as a support player
  • you are a designated deodorizer planter

Smoke is great for obscuring a defender’s LoS and providing you with a range of protection, especially when planting a noise suppressor.

How to play Iana

Solo Queue – Entry Fragging

When queuing up alone, you can try to use her more as an entry highlighter.

Unless you’re in high rankings, you might not be able to always rely on your teammates for cooperation and the same thinking. In essence, the solo queue is a lottery with teamwork and collaboration is often somewhat limited.

Such a role assignment means that the controller of Iana R6 will be the top attacker in hunting the jungler to minimize the risk of a late-game flop that negatively affects the push of the enemy. attack.

Furthermore, the entries play an important role in accelerating the attacker’s progress within the ring by securing strategically essential positions. An example of that might be to gain control of the room above an objective if the ceiling is covered with a destructive surface.

Last but not least, the fragger is often not the first attacker to push the plugging anchors down to the target.

Playing In Squad – Support

While queuing up with a team, or at least a few friends, the situation can be very different.

If you drones each other (and you absolutely should if you aspire to achieve higher rankings in Rainbow Six Siege), then you should use your hologram to aid typists scene – same as mentioned in the utility section of this tutorial.

If you want to learn how to fly drones in a team, visit our drone tutorials.