April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Jackal



As one of the few attackers that can track an enemy, Jackal can be particularly annoying for roaming guardians in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Keeping track of where they were is an important part of the puzzle to know where the enemy is currently. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use your abilities and what to do with this important information.

Jackal operator guide


His real name is Ryad Ramírez Al-Hassar. You might think he’s a foreigner now and try to take your job, but Spain has had a past as an Arab who ruled southern Spain and kept it for a long time.

But since he was born in Ceuta (Spanish territory in the north of Africa) you might be right. Not sure what happened to their parents, the Ramírez brothers had multiple parents, adoptive parents until his brother Jackal was 18 years old and was his legal guardian.

So his brother dies one day by murder and he hates himself or something. The killer is never caught and he joins the police to deal with bad guys and his past.

Jackal’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts

His main weapons include the C7E assault rifle, the PDW9 submachine gun, and the ITA12L pump-action shotgun. While pistols are destructive on walls, the gun selection offered to players includes two types of automatic weapons that are quite good and useful depending on the circumstances. That is really your personal preference as the selection on the offer is good. Accessory equipment for him is the USP40 shotgun and the ITA2S, pump-action pistol. The shotgun is also good for punching holes in the wall but has a shorter range than the long barrel version.

Gadgets of Jackal

With the smoke grenades and the attack, it would be a bit difficult to know exactly which one would be more effective. Smoke grenades have a very limited number of uses, so it’s probably better that you go with the offending crime in most cases.


The specific trick of Jackal is to track his footsteps with his Eyenox Model III. There is a lot to know about this special ability. First, there is a permanent visor that can see the footprints left by enemies, which gradually change color depending on how long they were left, from red to yellow, to green.

You can also use your ability to get the last known position on a particular set of footprints, which also reveals the moderator who left them behind. This information is also known to the group but the person will know they are being watched.

With his ability, there are a few big things to note. If he lies on his stomach or on his side, it will be harder for him to track the enemy since they leave no footprint. Even walking backward can be a bit uncomfortable for some players, as long as they aren’t actively spying on you or looking at the color of the footprints.

Caveira’s ability to walk in silence also leaves no footprint when activated, though the player needs to make sure not to leave a footprint when not activated, to stay hidden. Mute’s gadget also messes with his veil, completely distracting his view when up close, though one bullet is enough to destroy it.

Should I pick Jackal?


As a more chasing executive, Jackal is a great choice for those who just love the thrill of the hunt. His ability when used effectively can be of great help to the team and ensure that any defensive player is on their HUD. He has some pretty straightforward counter-attacks, which means that as soon as the enemy knows that he is on their side, they’ll be on guard and you won’t be able to do much. He’s good at fighting, but once his identity is known, he will be seriously harmed.