April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Kali



Kali is an attack operator with Nighthaven in Rainbow Six: Siege. She was added December 3, 2019, as part of Y4S4: Operation Shifting Tides. This guide covers everything you need to know about her gadgets, weapons, synergies, counter, and legends, along with some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of her.

Kali Role


Kali is a support operator whose primary purpose is to disrupt enemy gadgets and defenses. Using her Lance LV on reinforced walls, into regular hiding points, or on hatches, it is possible to undo any careful planning and placement from the defenders. With a Lances, the 3-meter radius of damage, shoot explosives at densely populated areas or centers for maximum effect

Lan networks can be countered by Jager’s ADS and Wamai’s Mag-NET’s, so search for them before firing at target locations. Think about common hidden placements or widget placements within the web page before you activate it. Since she only has 3 uses of her device, make sure to maximize their effects by taking out important gadgets. If your team has a tough champion like Thermite or Hibana, prioritize shooting at reinforced walls.

In addition to Lances, she is also equipped with an extremely powerful ray action sniper gun with some unique attributes; CSRX 300.

The CSRX 300 has virtually no damage done and can penetrate 5 surfaces at once, for great distances. A blow to any operator’s body would instantly DBNO players. Any moderators put into DBNO status will have their vision turned towards her, allowing them to call their teammates. The CSRX 300 leaves a visible smoke trail for a few seconds after firing, so if she misses the shot, the enemy will quickly seek retaliation.

Weapon Loadout


CSRX 300 is the sole primary weapon of Kali. It is a slow, yet extremely powerful, action sniper rifle. It has a variable range, so players can choose to use it at either 4x or 12x magnification.

Due to the sniper’s rate of fire, pair it with the C75 as the secondary gun. This fast automatic machine pistol has a very high DPS and can control recoil. This combination helps to balance her in most situations when she is too close to properly use the sniper.

Kali can use its main weapon to open hatches, obstacles and create small holes in the surface, so bring Claymore for your team to use. Defend your flank with Claymore to defend against scammers, who are her most fierce opponents, in her melee struggles.

Gadgets of Kali

Kali uses a sub-barrel attached to her main weapon, the unique CSRX 300 sniper rifle. The LV Explosive Lances submersible launcher is a small explosive device designed to destroy equipment, even through reinforced walls.

Lance is fired from the weapon in a straight arc and dug deep into the surface where they were fired. This burrowing takes about 3 seconds, during which time Lance can be destroyed if damaged from the tail. Once detonated, they emit a 3-meter blast, which will destroy any device caught in a radius. They do very little damage to the operator, even when standing next to the point of contact.

Lances’ primary use is its ability to squeeze through reinforced walls and destroy utilities on the other side. This even includes items like Electroclaws and Shock Wires; electrical shocks do not affect or damage Lance.

Lances can also be used to destroy fenced doors and windows, deployable shields, and barbed wire. The blast radius has a very slight damage reduction, allowing some of the more difficult gadgets like the Welcome Carpet to survive the attack unless it is placed very close. Most devices have so little HP that even a long distance will be destroyed.

The Kali is equipped with three Lance LV, which must be loaded into her launcher one after another. If shot against a reinforced wall, they will leave no visible holes, however, they do create a neat killer hole when used on soft surfaces.