April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Kapkan



The element of surprise is always the best way to take down enemies in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Tripwires of Kapkan can provide some sneaky ways to destroy the attacking team. In this tutorial, the weapons and gadgets he must choose will be covered in detail, as well as specific things to keep in mind whenever using his skills.

Kapkan operator guide


Equipped with 5 Immigration Rejection Devices, Kapkan had to spread a lot of ground to make sure his traps were well placed before the preparation phase ended. It is generally wise to plant some EDDs in and around the target to make sure the attackers will either take damage or spend time killing them.

Alternatively, he can wander the map and set traps at common entry points. In general, attackers are more likely to fall victim to the EDD when they are further away from the target.

Kapkan’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts

His 9x19VSN is very user-friendly. Its low recoil and high DPS make it one of the most consistent weapons in the game. Usually, the VSN is the weapon of choice.

The SASG-12 shotgun – one of the only handguns that can be equipped with a brake – can be devastating at close range due to its reloaded semi-automatic firepower. It is one of the most powerful shotguns in the Siege but has a clear disadvantage in terms of range. Useful for opening swing holes or hatches.

PMM is one of the most powerful side weapons in the game. It only has an 8 ring clamp, but due to its low recoil and high damage making it a solid pick, if you don’t miss it.


Kapkan can set traps on doors and windows so that the attackers will not be suspicious. Equipped with a total of 5 Immigration Devices, he was able to cover a large area of ​​entrances and rooms.

His Denial of Entry Device, also known as EDD, can be placed at any height above a doorway – wherever your cursor is looking and interacting with you. When it comes to windows, the EDD is limited to being in the center of the frame. This limitation means that attackers are more likely to see the destruction of EDDs.

EDDs detects any movement through its invisible “tripods” and deals up to 60 damage to people caught in the blast, depending on their distance from the explosive. The damage is not enough to kill an enemy immediately at full health, but that amount of damage is a significant disadvantage in future gun battles.

Skill of Kapkan


Kapkan has an EDD MK II, which is a three-legged explosive that can be placed on doors or windows. Its effectiveness largely depends on whether the tripod is placed in an area with good lighting or bad lighting, as it is extremely bright in the dark. To make the most of it, place it in a well-lit area where there is a higher traffic volume, then you can lure them into chasing you.