April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Lesion



Like Smoke, Lesion has the ability to paralyze enemies with poison. As one of the more interesting defensive DLC controls in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, he can be used to briefly stop enemies, causing them to hurt. A change has recently been made to his Gu Mines, so this guide will inform you on the best way to use the abilities and arsenal that he has to offer.

Lesion operator guide


He is best served as a defensive anchor, with Gu Mines being used to defending target entrances and nearby roads. Lesion can also be used to roam, with his beak used to cover dangerous flanks, though his abilities are often more useful for defensive teams when used. in and around the target. While Gu Mines can be used to inundate nearby corridors with dangerous invisible mines, these mines can also be used as personal alarms.

Lesion’s stats

Armor: 2

Speed: 2

Weapon loadout

His T-5 SMG is generally the best choice, due to its consistency, high rate of fire, and solid damage output. Lesion excels at ambushing attackers, often jumping out from back corners after the attacker mistakenly entered the Gu Mines.

Players should be prepared for close-range combat and should practice patiently waiting with reduced movement to minimize the likelihood of an attacking player hearing them around corners to maximize the effectiveness of an ambush. . With fast-paced combat tactics, devastating ambushes, and overwhelming coverage of critical paths leading to the goal, an intelligent player can dominate an attacking team.


He unleashes poisonous mines close to each other that, when activated, will continuously suck the attacker’s blood until the dart is drawn or the operator is killed.

Lesion is equipped with eight mines, although not all of the eight are available at first. The player starts with a single mine and each subsequent mine takes 30 seconds to appear in the player’s inventory to use. The player can throw down each mine as soon as they are available or wait to throw down multiple mines in a row.

Gu Mines are placed on a flat surface only and can be thrown from a distance to safely block entrances and passages. The Gu mines, when collided with a flat surface, emit a pneumatic sound effect, which then quickly covers themselves, making them practically invisible.

Skill of Lesion


He has access to a GU – a malicious mine that cannot be seen when deployed. He can also do more of them as the round progresses, meaning you can have a total of seven in a round.

This is very important and the later the activation, the more impact on the outcome of the ring because the enemy will be distracted by removing the prong rather than pushing the target. Once deployed, Lesion players will be able to track when they are destroyed or activated, meaning they can ambush any nearby enemies.

Perhaps the best way to use his skill is to use it as a scout for an oncoming enemy while camping in a safe place. If you are a little closer and you see the icon off, it means the enemy is likely to remain in that position so you can aim at that spot before peeking around for easy destruction. So even though it now deals only four damage per tick, instead of eight, it’s still very useful.

Montagne had a particularly hard time fighting him as if they were determined and they were swayed by a barbed-wire mine, players could put additional pressure on them by rushing towards them, giving they have less space to breathe and remove the prongs. They face the choice of killing the player Lesion while taking damage with the poison or removing the prongs to prevent further unnecessary damage from the poison.