April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Lion



Lion got a huge remake in the latest Rainbow Six Siege update, where his EE-ONE-D drone is now completely different. Its purpose is still to keep an eye on the enemy for all attackers, but there are changes to how all operations you probably should be aware of.

While his abilities are quite good under the right circumstances, he also has a pretty rich weapon selection to choose from.

Lion operator guide


He can use their abilities in head-to-head combat, which will force the opponent to stop moving for a few critical seconds or risk being shown the exact location to him. Alternatively, a teammate can ask him to start the EE-ONE-D if they get stuck and need the upper hand. This makes Lion a good choice for both lone wolves and when playing as part of a team.

Lion’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts


Lion has the option of an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, or a shotgun as the primary weapon. Both the marksmanship and shotguns are quite situational and have some major downsides such as the rate of fire and range. For this reason, his V308 Assault Rifle is the most effective weapon in his reloading process; It’s a powerful, high-powered, low recoil rifle with a full range of accessories to adapt to your preferred gameplay.

The V308’s 50 circular magazine is ideal for spraying through walls when the EE-ONE-D detects an enemy. That said, the SG-CQB is a very powerful weapon, benefiting from being the only pump-action shotgun in Siege equipped with a stock. This makes for a formidable tool to shoot through soft walls when it detects enemy movement.

You should not use his LFP586 revolver if you are using a shotgun, as your rate of fire, power, and options will be limited on a large scale. The P9 is a simple, effective shotgun for all reloads.


His belongings are a stun grenade and a stun gun. Again, there’s no right or wrong choice here and it depends on your style of play and the map, but they don’t really correlate with his drone.

Skill of Lion

His EE-ONE-D drone has seen a major update that has been teased for a long time. In it, the idea is to change the feeling of oppression when using the ability, while maintaining the “information-gathering role” that Ubisoft has envisaged for the executive. Take a look at the updated skill.

First, the scan now shows pings, not the outline of the opponent’s players. Enemies can be pinged once per second, although enemies can now counter Lion too if they are detected.

Next up, the statistics. These changes can be summarized as More scans and more frequent, but they don’t last as long. It would be easier to include these in bulleted lists, so here are the changes to the time:

  • Skill warning time – 1.5 seconds (reduced from 3 seconds)
  • Scanning time – 2 seconds (reduced from 4 seconds)
  • Cooldown – 15 seconds (reduced from 27 seconds)
  • The number of billing times – 3 (up from 2).

Regardless of these changes, all can be avoided in the same way. The enemy can avoid this by standing still. They can turn their heads and change their position, as well as aim down on attractions, but as soon as they walk away or shoot, they’ll be spotted. Moving after being seen does not allow enemies to be hidden again. Tachanka even had a prominent moment when spinning on the turret didn’t trigger detection.

The main difficulty for this is the Mute device and the Vigil robe. Mute can hide moving enemies. Even if an enemy has been detected, they can escape detection by going within the range of the jamming device. Vigil is able to hide behind his cloak, making him immune to the full duration of the technique.