April 17, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Maestro



Maestro is one of Tom Clancy’s new Rainbow Six Siege agents and his ability puts him in a great deal of pain. Not only is his camera nearly impossible to take out, but it can also disturb you with small lasers. A recent update makes the EMP effects a lot more useful against him, so we’ll look at those for a bit.

Maestro operator guide


Maestro has a rare position as both an intel and a supporting character. Evil Eyes gives the defenders two new cameras to gather information and cover blind spots, being the only bulletproof camera that can move their lenses. But the amount of damage done and his ability to interrupt important gadgets like Radiant Charge and X-Kairos also give his utility a completely different purpose. Well placed Evil Eyes add another layer of defense to the target and even have the ability to kill attackers if they are not careful.

Maestro’s Stats

  • Armor: 3
  • Speed: 1

Weapon Loadouts

Aside from the Tachanka-mounted weaponry, Maestro is the only defense operator to have an LMG. He wields a very capable ALDA 5.56, a powerful machine gun that fires fast with a large magazine. However, it is a belt weapon, so be careful not to get caught when it is necessary to reload during the battle. His other main gun, the ACS12, is the only fully automatic shotgun from Rainbow Six: Siege. It is extremely effective at destroying soft but very weak surfaces and is not capable of the gunfight.

Carry the Bailiff 410, a secondary revolver that fires shotgun bullets, to supplement the main LMG. Making holes in soft walls can give Evil Eyes extra vision and extended range.


The Maestro is equipped with Evil Eyes; a remote-controlled bulletproof camera equipped with laser beam capability. He has Two Evil Eyes, which must be manually placed down on a flat surface he can reach, such as a floor, wall, or a tabletop. They cannot be placed on the ceiling.

Evil Eyes is controlled via the camera menu, like scrolling through a Yokai drone or a Black Eye camera. Any operator with access to the camera – including the attackers who hacked the camera feed – can see the feed, but only the Maestro itself can move the Evil Eyes, or fire their lasers. He must also be alive for a lap to operate them.

The cameras are bulletproof, but they’re not invincible. When aiming and firing their laser beam, the bulletproof glass that protects them will be opened and they can be destroyed by causing any damage to the lens; bullets, melee, or other. Even when the lenses are closed, they can be destroyed with an explosive, the Sledgehammer or the surface they are placed on is destroyed. It is for this reason that you should never place them on soft surfaces or destructive objects – a few well-positioned shots around Evil Eyes will take them out.

The lasers do small damage to the player, only 5 HP per shot. But they shoot fast and have an unlimited number of ammo, so they can increase over time if they are not destroyed first. Evil Eyes can get too hot from a shot for extended periods, so make room for your shots to keep them active longer. Damage is strong enough to destroy gadgets like criminal offenses, drones, or lightning strikes.

Skill of Maestro


You get a couple of cameras that can be deployed almost completely bulletproof. If placed on an impenetrable surface, such as concrete, it is very difficult to destroy. Equipping a laser and firing makes it a bit prone to destruction, but can easily show other players where the enemy is.