April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Maverick



Most of the offending attackers in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege make a lot of noise, but Maverick takes a slightly more sneaky approach. His blower can punch holes in anything, but its limited fuel capacity makes it difficult to use properly. The time it takes to swap between his torch and his weapon has been increased in Y4S1, so this guide will guide how to effectively use the soldering lamp, as well as stats, weapons, and gadgets. provided by him.

Maverick operator guide


With his blowtorch, some new possibilities for attacking players as well as a new one for defenders to watch out for.

Maverick’s Stats

  • Armor: 1
  • Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts


The AR-15.50 is a fairly standard, handy DMR for sniping and playing from afar. But due to his utility required him to be present and for the short term, the M4 is the better primary weapon. Equipping the M4 with a silencer adds stealthy playability that is superior to his utility; if your holes are hidden from normal view, the lack of ammo stats will keep them hidden for long.

The TACOPS 1911 is just a secondary, so be mindful of the low capacity for any usage you need.


With both a stun grenade and a lightning shotgun, Maverick has a number of options to match no matter which one you choose. You can burn a hole in an enemy fortress, then throw a stun grenade inwards to initiate an attack. Alternatively, you can burn a pit and plant a clay tree near it, creating a temporary trap in the process. Either option is viable so it depends on the strategy you want to implement.

Skill of Maverick

His breaching torch was surprisingly flexible when it passed through the opponent’s defense. It can cut through anything, from reinforced walls to the solid obstacles of the Castle.

It can even cut through deployable shields. However, barbed wire is a bit more difficult to handle, so it’s best to hit melee attack it. The main advantage over other offending tools is that it’s really quiet and can also destroy some other skills like Evil Eye, jamming, or traps.

Probably the biggest thing Maverick could do was deal with Mira’s Black Mirror abilities by cutting in pins from the other side to remove them, or digging a small hole below it while bending down, then shooting one shot into the canister. This allows us to attack it in the foreground, which is unique to Maverick.

Another good trick is specially made with reinforced walls. While I can’t confirm if this is still happening, there’s been a trick recently unearthed (and highlighted by the Youtube user “coreross” in the video below) in it if the enemy was Reinforcing a wall, you can knock it down partially reinforcement by tracing lines in a specific way. Note that this does not destroy the entire wall, just the reinforcement around the area you have outlined.

The advantage of this is that you can use this to your advantage, creating an almost perfect wall to shoot down enemies with a relatively safe cover to hide behind.