April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Nokk



Nokk is an attack operator of the Jaeger Corps. She was released on August 22, 2019, as part of Operation Phantom Sight. This page includes everything you need to know about her abilities, weapons, synergies, counter, and profile.

Nokk Role


Nokk is best suited to remotely invade an attacker’s teammate’s secret. Players using this operator should focus on flank main targets and neutralize threats to the main attack force. She’s not as fast as Caveira, but the idea is the same – invisibility is key.

Weapon Loadout


mighty abilities of Nokk are somewhat offset through some of the more essential weapons when compared to other attack operators. Weapons available to her are the FMG-9 submachine gun and the SIX12 SD handgun.

You probably know that no new weapons have been released with her or the Warden (the new defense operator), but her selection was initially reserved for the defense list only. The SIX12 SD, while having a proper use when used by Lesion, has proved ineffective for me on her. With its short-range and mediocre damage, along with being unable to camp as Lesion might, it’s not worth picking up more than the FMG-9.

However, if you prefer the challenge, use the laser viewfinder and viewfinder of your choice. The FMG-9 was originally Smoke’s submachine gun, and he even liked to use his shotgun in most cases. The gun has a stable recoil, easier to control, and a decent rate of fire at 800 rpm.

However, the damage per shot is quite low, as is often seen with SMGs. Even so, it is still the weapon of choice for Nokk players, allowing it to be destroyed at short to medium range. Even with her stealth, try using flash hider. The same can be said for the lack of a laser sight. Your attraction selection can be flexible based on the one you like.

As for the secondary weapon, you can decide between 5.7 USG and D-50. Now, I can talk about how credible the USG is. Proven to be effective on FBI operators, it is arguably one of the best pistols in the game.


Nokk can activate a wrist-mounted interruption device that functions similarly to Vigil’s ERC-7 Video Interrupter in that it will hide her from an enemy’s camera network when activated. However, unlike Vigil, her ability also reduces the noise generated from walking and crouching movements, making her the ideal covert operator.

HEL device lasts only 12 seconds but can be used indefinitely after a short cooldown. When activated, the player should move slowly and avoid objects in the environment like debris or barbed wire.

Nokk Background

“For reasons of National Security and the currently active missions, her records are sealed at NATO’s secret security check, but her profile was disclosed to 6. Nøkk. enlisted at the NCO Army School in Sønderborg, then enrolled at the Royal Danish Military Academy where she graduated as Lieutenant.

With four under-belt deployments, Nokk underwent active training. Extra specials, earn her Jægerkorpset chestnut beret with covert operations skills, search and rescue combat, live-action, special reconnaissance, arctic warfare, and offense she served in Afghanistan and Iraq, often alone operating covertly behind enemy lines.

She received praise for destroying hostile insurgents in surgical attacks. and is responsible for discovering the location of Erik “Maverick” Thorn, forwarding that information to the Unit.