April 21, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Rook



Having an extra layer of protection in the sheath is good and all, but in Rainbow Six Siege, you might want a useful defender right off the bat by providing armor for them to wear. Rook has seen his MP5 reduce the damage a bit, but he still has a perfect skill for new players to use. This guide on him will show you the weapons and gadgets he has to offer, as well as details exactly why your teammates will look at you eagerly as the round begins.

Rook operator guider


As a support operator, his sole role is quite basic. Outside of normal target defense, his only job is to place the Armor for his team. This should be done as soon as it appears, before the completion of any other defensive measures. Armor placement speed can have a big effect on the general preparation phase because all other defensive operators need to take a few seconds to equip the armor.

Rook’s Stats

  • Armor: 3
  • Speed: 1

Weapon Loadouts

His P90 is an extremely difficult weapon to use but can be powerful under the right circumstances thanks to its extremely high rate of fire and power. The MP5 is a more stable, reliable, and recommended weapon for most players. Rook is one of the only defenders able to equip the range of ACOGs on his SMG, and this makes the MP5 a very formidable weapon, especially at long distances.

The SG-CQB is one of Siege’s most effective pistols, partly because it uses a Vertical Grip. This is a good choice for him, who will anchor in their target or keep their fights at close range.

The LFP586 is a high powered sub-gun but its high recoil and low power mean it struggles in a gunfight. The P9 is the preferred GIGN pistol unless you have a lot of experience with the LFP586 and can make the most of its high damage output.


Rook is a support operator; A character whose primary purpose is to provide the team with additions of support benefits. In his case, he is equipped with a bag of 5 “Rhino” R1N Armor – or more simply, the Armor.

After he places the Plate bag, each member of the defending team can interact with it to pick up and equip himself. The panels are advertised as bulletproof, but in-game doesn’t completely block bullets.

After being equipped with the Armor, the guardians will be able to tone damage reduction by an additional 20% of their Actual Armor stat (in his case, this is the 3 Armor’s rank score. he).

In addition, the Armor ensures that unless an operator is killed with one shot in the head, they will go into the Inactive (DBNO) state.

The operator can only wear one Armor at a time, however, after being wounded in the DBNO, the operator loses their equipped Armor. They can then interact with the bag again and retrieve an extra plate if it still remains.

The armor pocket can be destroyed by taking any damage, except for Shock Drone.

Skill of Rook


Rook has a bag full of armor plates to take out for anyone on his team. Once laid down, there are enough discs for the players on your team. If someone kills you and you are somehow revived, you can pick up another pack of armor as long as someone on your team chooses not to.