April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: how to play the operator Sledge



Sledge is probably the simplest operator to understand in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This SAS attacker maneuver has a large mallet and he is not afraid to break down walls or obstacles with it. However, he does have a few things you might want to know, especially what gadgets to use and the guns he has.

Sledge Operator guide


Sledge is an attack operator with a focus on using his large hammer to disrupt enemy defenses. He can also be helpful in a gunfight, though his weapon doesn’t really compliment his skill choice. This guide will cover his stats, weapons, gadgets, and skills, as well as provide some guidance on how to use him effectively.

Sledge’s Stats

Armor: 2

Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts



L85A2-A powerful fully automatic assault rifle with low recoil but a good rate of fire. Extremely easy to get and use but also easy to master. There are also some decent iron attractions.

The main pick of the M590A1-Sledges is a decent shotgun that shoots well but shoots a bit slowly. I don’t see any use in using it since you have a hammer to pierce, but with an SMG-11 equipped, it can work somewhat well. I don’t recommend that though.


P226-Arguably the best pistol in the game. Fighting is extremely difficult, but the other choice is superior in every way.

SMG-11-Fully automatic SMG with a 1270 rate of fire can fit in your back pocket. Flexible if you run out of ammo in key and you can’t reload or if you want to melt someone with it.

Gadgets of Sledge

Frag Grenades-Sledge is one of only three operators with access to these. Super helpful on him. Smash a wall and frame the room. Throw it at the anchored person. Cook it and throw it carefully to ensure killing. Super flexible and better choice.

Stun grenades – If you can make them work, feel free to use them, but they’re not as consistent as Frag Grenades.

L85A2 Acog Compensator Personal Loader- “This rifle has a great horizontal recoil” Vertical grip

The vertical handle of SMG-11 hologram compensator

Frag Grenades

Operator Gadget-Breaching Hammer: There’s never been a situation where you could get this wrong. It can destroy castle barriers instantly, the walls are not reinforced, and most importantly … “roof above a room” If you are new to the game, I recommend choose sled, but it can be used in advanced ways to give your team the upper hand.

Smashing a roof over an object opens a path for you to bring death down from above. You can really get creative with how you do this. My favorite example is the dam of the stairs in Oregon to always have a view below. You can see the defoamer from above. You can even use it to kill people. The possibilities are endless.

Skill of Sledge

His abilities cannot be simpler: it’s a big hammer. The Tactical Violation Hammer, or “The Caber”, is a massive mallet that degrades a weapon when it is used in battle. It can be used to smash single walls and floorboards, split the floorboards in half to shoot at things below you, destroy some traps, and kill enemies.

Should I pick Sledge?

His powerful hammer presents Sledge as an extremely offensive attacker aiming to create a target within the shortest distance possible. Other attack operators are certainly more useful, but he is a simple way to understand for beginners and definitely useful if used in conjunction with your team. He’s also much more useful in maps where there are lots of wooden walls and flooring.