April 22, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Smoke



As one of Tom Clancy’s early Rainbow Six Siege defenders, Smoke has an understandable ability. His gas grenade can be used to flush enemies hiding in an attack, but can also be part of a trap. His ability has some interesting notes as of more recent updates, so this guide will take you through his weapons and gadgets, as well as how to use his ability to take down would-be attackers.

Smoke operator guide


Smoke is a defense operator with SAS. He was released on December 1, 2015, as part of the original 20 Rainbow Six: Siege runners.

Smoke’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts

The FMG-9 is a simple submachine gun, easy to use, and safe for most situations. However, as one of the few operators who can use a machine gun as a secondary weapon, combining the SMG-11 with the Smoke Main Pistol – M590A1 – can provide superior utility and situational advantage.

The ability to quickly dive enemies, roam and open hatches make the pistol a valuable tool, and the SMG-11 when used sparingly can help close the gap if fighting at range.

Although the recoil of the SMG-11 is extremely difficult to control, its rate of fire and damage can quickly kill any operator if it lands with just a few key hits. The addition of an Expansion Bucket to the SMG may provide additional placement options, but it won’t help control your recoil.

The M590A1 is a slow-fire action shotgun, but it’s powerful and has a better range than some of the other defenders’ shotguns.


His unique utility is the Remote Air Grenade, a tool that can be placed or thrown and must be detonated by hand. Suction it is equipped with 3 Air Grenades from a distance.

Gas Grenades Emits a thick yellow smoke that can damage any operator – friend or foe – who step into it. The amount of damage done by Gas Grenade is relatively low, but it stays the same during the time the operator is exposed to the gas, and as a result, it can be quite devastating. Smoke itself is the only operator that does not suffer damage from its equipment.

The gas Grenade is a thrown object, but it is light and can be thrown at much longer distances than the Nitro Cell, which shares a similar arc more like the Impact Grenade.

However, the canister is sticky and will stick to any surface. It doesn’t stick to operators; If thrown at a normal operator, it will slightly injure them and fall to the ground, and if thrown at the operator, the shield will bounce off the shield and stick to a nearby surface.

Skill of Smoke


His remote gas grenades have a lot going for them. They are sticky, which means you can attach them to a wall. Their detonators are also remotely detonated, allowing you to surprise enemies. Don’t waste them at the beginning of the game as you will need them for the final half minute or so as the poison cloud will disappear after 10 seconds.