April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: how to play the operator Thatcher



As one of the more effective operators in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Thatcher can cause nightmares for any defending team that uses electronic devices. However, the man who runs the SAS attacker is not merely an EMP grenade, so here are some tips you might need to know about what he can do and how to use him.

Thatcher operator guide


Since the game’s first launch, the defender operators have used fancy technology to try and make the attacking team’s life miserable. However, Thatcher has always been a thorn to them thanks to their relatively easy ability to damage electronics.

  • Thatcher’s Stats
  • Armour: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts


Sledge has access to three types of weapons: the AR33 assault rifle, the M590A1 shotgun, and the L85A2 assault rifle. This depends on personal preference, although the AR33 has a higher rate of fire and more stable recoil than the L85A2. However, this shotgun is more viable for Thatcher than fellow attacker Sledge. His only accessory is the P226 MK 25 pistol, which is not a bad pistol.


AR33: The AR33 is a mid-range rifle with 3-speed options: automatic, explosive and single-shot. It is a more suitable weapon for maps like Bartlett University, Border and Yachts, where you have limited outer space, large rooms, and medium corridors. Best settings IMO Acog, Compensator and Vertical Grip

L85A2: L85A2 is a medium to a long-range assault rifle with 3 fire rate options: fully automatic, explosive and single-shot. It is better suited for maps like Kanal, Club House and Oregon, where there is a large external area and in some open places. It is a good weapon to use against spawners as it has good weapon accuracy. Best settings IMO Acog, Compensator and Vertical Grip.

M590A1: The M590 is a pump-action shotgun used for Melee and suits mini-maps where areas can be pretty small or essential like Favela, Skyscraper and Hereford Base. IMO’s best setting is a reflective vision as it has limited attachments for sights and reflections won’t block your view too much.


P226 MK 25: The P226 is short to a medium-range 9mm pistol. It is the only secondary weapon available to Thatcher and best equipped with a precautionary suppressor when you need to fire a shot without having to give up your position like firing a camera/gear, etc

Gadgets of Thatcher

Packed with two very explosive gadgets, piercing charges and lightning strikes, it largely depends on your team composition. If someone is playing a highly destructive character on the wall, then Claymore might be a better choice to avoid being tracked by roaming guards.

Skill of Thatcher

Thatcher uses EG MKO-EMP grenades. This interrupts most electronic devices, potentially even destroying a few of them. Given the number of protective operators using electrical devices, they are almost always useful.

Should I pick Thatcher?

He’s almost a good choice. His EMP grenade devastates many of the defender’s skills, while his gun is highly competitive. He’s another relatively simple attacker for new players to use, but simply understanding doesn’t mean he’s limited in any way.