April 14, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Valkyrie



With Tom Clancy’s defensive play in Rainbow Six Siege’s, keeping an eye on the enemies gives your team a huge advantage. Her cameras are probably among the most versatile of the bunch because they are so small, can be thrown anywhere, and difficult to detect without looking for them properly. This guide will inform you about the weapons and gadgets she has, as well as some details about things Valkyrie players should be aware of.

Valkyrie operator guide


Valkyrie is an information gathering operator, which means her device – Black Eyes – is used for the benefit of the whole team and good communication and teamwork are crucial to make full use of the dark multi-utility of them. She is an “easy to learn, hard to master” operator, given her poor camera placement; any additional cameras anywhere on the map are potentially beneficial, but learning the locations that maximize her benefit is the difference between use and mastery.

Valkyrie’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts

The MPX is a stable, but very weak SMG. Since Valkyries are only mid-range, this is the best choice for most situations. It is the stability and medium clip size that makes it a good weapon in most encounters. However, the damage left is plenty, so it’s best to avoid long-range fighting.

The SPAS-12 is a pump-action shotgun but can shoot very quickly compared to other pump-action weapons. This makes it devastating at a very close range. SPAS-12 is also useful for destroying walls or objects to make room for the Black Eye cameras. Its destructive power can be combined with her camera to gain more vision.

Her only sub-weapon is the D-50 – or formidable Deagle. This is an extremely powerful weapon but has a small magazine and high recoil. If you haven’t equipped the SPAS-12 on her load plane, the D-50’s destructive power might also be helpful to open up new lines of sight or gaps for the Black-Eye position.


Valkyrie comes equipped with 3 deployable cameras called Black Eyes, which can be thrown and stick to almost any surface. Black Eye cameras are small, lightweight orbs that she can throw in an arc similar to Smoke’s Gas Grenades or any defensive Impact Grenades.

Once deployed, the entire defense team can access and use Black Eyes like a regular camera, complete with 360-degree rotation, color, and enemy scanning. Like a regular camera, Black Eyes shines a bright light when used to highlight their position to attackers.

If Black-eyed is within reach, Valkyrie can also pick up and redeploy them elsewhere at any time.

The Shield’s choice can deploy or Nitro Cell will help her complete the quest. Nitro Cells are generally a better choice, as the Black Eye’s good location can make it possible to unleash Nitro Cells to destroy. On the other hand, C4’s power is still a good compliment to any operator and can still be useful for an easy kill.

Skill of Valkyrie


The Gyro Cam Mk2 aka “Black Eye Cameras” provided their footage for the team. These are stick-to-throw cameras that can be attached to any type of surface, such as a ceiling fan or anywhere an enemy wouldn’t expect. They show up as blue in the phone’s camera feed, turning red when taken down by an enemy.