April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Ying



There’s an entrance in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and then there’s a particularly flashy entrance. Candela of Ying is one of the more interesting abilities, mainly because it has multiple ways to enter a room full of enemies. This guide will detail all the ways it can be used, as well as weapons and gadgets to aid her attack.

Ying operator guide


Ying is another DLC operator introduced later in the life cycle of Rainbow Six Siege, but her special flashes are relatively similar to Fuze’s cluster bombs in terms of how they work. They also have additional benefits worth considering.

Ying’s Stats

Armor: 2

Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts

Ying is the main weapon of the light machine gun T-95 pistols and revolvers LSW SIX12. Both are good options, with light machine gun bullets instead of good speed thanks to the drum and pistols have shot quite although speed moped. Extra equipment Her only is a Q-929 pistol additional option for both primary weapons and the ability to manage the shock and possible damage.

  • T-95 LSW: Huge LMG with low reload time and decent damage, moderate recoil but slow fire rate.
  • SIX12: Six12 is a Shotgun. It can be incredibly powerful for kicks when you know that you’re always CQB. For example Chalet Kitchen/trophy.
  • Q-929: Her only Pistol is a pistol with mediocre magazine and good damage.

Gadgets of Ying

Since both her gadgets are of the explosive type, it depends on whether you want to specialize in invading the opponent’s position or have some protection from those walking from behind. Usually, fouling is the best help for your team as it pairs well with her skill, but claymore will be fine if there are many defenders roaming around.

  • Breaching Charges: Breaching Charges can be used if you want to use vertical gameplay from upstairs or if you want to make a one-time hot break with Ying.
  • Claymore: With Claymore, you can protect your back and be notified when someone is about to hit you


Ying has one of the more flexible gadgets thanks to the way it can be used. Candela is basically a combination of a flash grenade and a Fuze cluster bomb. When thrown, it turns into a rolling ball depending on how long you hold the device. This can go under the slots on the ground and only the flash from the device does not affect Ying.

When planted on a wall, it is just a flash variation of the Fuze’s ability and works in a similar manner. Barbed wire can slow it down and it can also be destroyed by an electric shock, shot, or exploded by another explosive device. Jäger’s device will destroy the entire ball if it rolls, or shoot two of the explosives if it explodes.

Candela has been slightly changed in that you can cook it the same way you would like to cook a regular grenade. Throwing it after holding it for a while will cause it to explode sooner. This is to make her skills better suited to how a grenade works, as her Candela skill has the opposite effect when Candela is held. In addition, it prevents spamming.

Should I pick Ying?


Her Candela should be used with a small degree of caution as otherwise, you would make your teammates go blind when breaching the target, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just get stuck when things go. begin. Because she is immune to her blinding attacks, she can take advantage of her enemy’s disorientation. Hence, she is a great option for those who want assistance in coordinated attacks.