April 17, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Zofia



Like Capitão, Zofia gives some flexibility to attack executives in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Her grenade launcher can blow things up or distract your enemies. She is also one of the few operators whose storylines take place during battles, depending on who she is played against on the defensive team. This guide will cover that, as well as the weapons and gadgets that make her grenades even more powerful.

Zofia operator guide


The ability of Zofia can produce an explosive punch, but in particular, this is more than seeing the eyes. She is another modular attacker, which may take some time for newer players to use her.

Zofia’s Stats

Armor: 2

Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts


The main weapons that Zofia supplies are the LMG-E light machine gun and the M762 assault rifle. These are all very different and unique weapons, with the LMG-E being a good suppressing weapon, while the M762 favors accuracy. Her only accessory is the RG15, a custom 9mm handgun with built-in a unique reflector. It doesn’t take great damage, but the recoil control is above normal.

  • M762: The gun that people know most is Her Assault Rifle, M762, and for good reason. It has good damage, controllable recoil, ACOG and is very reliable.
  • LMG-E: LMG is a difficult case to execute because the recoil and bounce when the shot is annoying when trying to hit a long-range target. A great use-case for this gun, however, is the smaller maps or the ones with a lot of narrower space, as the shot volume is too large and doesn’t need to be loaded with a 150-bullet cartridge that leaves the army in defense. Craft hard to escape from your rage.
  • RG1: One of the only pistols in the game with a viewfinder, very easy to use.

Gadgets of Zofia

With both a break and lightning charge, there is a definite advantage for Zofia when it comes to invading certain rooms. Therefore, you should probably move on with the alleged violations unless you are extremely paranoid about stalking defenders.


She already has the KS79 Lifeline – a two-barrel grenade launcher that can switch between both a shock grenade and a collision grenade. The impact grenade works almost like Ash’s and she has two in the chamber.

The concussion grenade will disorient anyone caught in the blast, can bounce off walls, or explode near enemies, and she has four in her launcher. Using a violation attack, quickly followed by an impact grenade is a quick and viable offending strategy.

On top of that, Zofia has the unique ability to revive herself once injured. She will only have one hit point when she does this as opposed to the others’ health of half, but it can be good for a short while. This cannot be used if caught in Frost’s trap or questioned by Caveira.

Should I pick Zofia?

She is a bit different from Ash in a way and can be a lot more creative, but her guns have disappointed her. Her delightful interaction with Ela using a vibrating device means any devices used together will last half their normal time, so it’s hard to figure out if she should. pitted against my sister or not.