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Rainbow Six Siege – Introducing Buck, An Upgrade Of Sledge

Buck ‘s full name is Sébastien “Buck” Côté, born August 21, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces through the ROTP program (regular training plan), which enabled him to enter university and receive a degree in criminology.

After graduating he joined the Military Police of the Canadian Army. After his demobilization, he joined the Royal Canadian Police Force and became a member of the ERT team (Emergency Response Team). Because of his outstanding contributions to ERT, he was invited by the army to join the JTF2 Task Force (John Tash Force 2).

Psychological profile


Buck is a person who likes to live a simple lifestyle, he likes simple but more effective mechanical items than high-tech items like many other teammates in SIEGE. He is a 2-speed armor 2 operator.

Loadout of Buck


He is equipped with two main weapons, the c8SFW, with a recoil that is quite difficult to get used to due to its high recoil but compensates for a high rate of fire (837 rounds/minute) and the amount of dame is 40 so he can finish the enemy at a distance Medium and short cups if you have good heart skills.

The second is a CAMRS, a semi-automatic DMR with a dame of 69 can kill enemies at long range. If this aperture is selected, then choose a safe location.

The secondary weapon has only a 9mm Mk1 pistol.

Additional gadgets include explosive grenades and stun grenades. Buck is one of the three operators armed with explosive ammunition (after the sledge and after him is Finka). Both are good options, this is up to each person. He is equipped with explosive grenades


His main gadget is a Shotgun called the semi-automatic Skeleton Key, mounted below the two main weapons (so these two guns can not mount the handle) with ammunition of 4 + 1/12 rounds, Can be carved in some soft walls or un-reinforced hatch if standing at close enough distance, not near Sledge, but because of the gun, it is impossible to break the wall of Castle in the cover.

Tip and trick for Buck players

Because it is always attached to the two main guns, it is possible to switch between the two guns quite quickly when the middle mouse is pressed, which helps him be able to use weapons flexibly in any situation.

Like Sledge, Buck can also chisel the floor and hit from top to Site, object, but because his Gadget can shoot at a distance, it can chisel the soft floor from the bottom and throw explosive grenades on the Site, object, special especially those with Mira mirrors, punching them from below to the mirror and breaking the air tank.

Although similar to Sledge in Gadget, his C8 SFW is difficult to get used to because the recoil is quite high, especially when attaching ACOG, it is more difficult, so please gradually familiarize yourself with this gun, especially skills cool stuff, which is always needed in R6S. As for the other one, it is rarely held because it is a DMR and always has to click if it is a constant annoying fight.

In general, besides the slightly difficult gun to get used to, this is still one of the easy OPs to play due to its simple, effective skills, and when combined with Sledge, will become a effective chisel duo. And when it comes to big hands, it will be even more effective with some other tactics.