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Introducing an Operator in Rainbow Six Siege: Montagne



You are defending, suddenly, a heavy metallic sound is approaching, a solid mobile wall appears, who is behind it? Montagne.

Bio of Montagne


The son of an army officer and a teacher, the whole family once settled Bordeaux, France. A few years after graduating from high school, he became a member of the Gendarmerie. As a police officer, Touré devoted his life to developing defenses. The dedication and commitment to the ideal of the National Gendarmerie enabled Touré to join the GIGN.

Gameplay of Montagne


As a 3rd Armor Operator, Montagne is equipped with Extendable Shield with the nickname “Le Roc”, which can expand and wrap him from head to toe while standing. This created the most defensive shield only he had. This gave him an advantage as a guide, blocking all enemy bullets, creating an advantage for the team to attack.

  • “Le Roc” blocked all types of enemy bullets.
  • The shield expanded, covering an angle of 80 degrees for Montagne, with a shield on its head in case the enemy shot down from above.
  • When expanded, this shield does not bounce off the melee enemy but only shakes slightly.
  • Despite shields against bullets and melee from the enemy, explosives like C4 or nade from the front still produce a small amount of damage
  • This shield will be a double-edged sword for the comrades behind.
  • As “Le Roc” expanded, behind was his fatal weakness.
  • When the shield extended, he could not use a gun, run, sit, lie, melee. If in a normal state, this shield works like other shields in R6S.
  • Because of the shield’s weight, Montagne will move slower than other 3-armored operators at a speed of 67.5% compared to 75% of the other operators.
  • Expanding and reducing the shield has a certain delay.
  • “Le Roc” when extended can block the path of a single door or single window.

Tips & Trick

  • Turn yourself into a human drone, go ahead, observe, check the corner, report the enemy’s position to your teammates.
  • Make yourself the center of attention of the enemy, when the enemy neglects to turn away or shoots his teammates, release the shield to shoot, if closer, melee to ensure your safety.
  • Bullets are also a very good tactic of the main Montagne, constantly release the shield and close the shield, the enemy will try to shoot you through the gaps, taking advantage of the enemy busy reload, release the shield and shoot.
  • When placing the defuser, remove the shield from the back, sit down, turn away from the projectile, go back to the site to set the defuser. The shield on the back will shield you.
  • In the situation where the 1vs1 defuser is set, if you play as this operator, lure as above so the enemy will not dare to remove the defuser. Try to buy as much time as possible, if the enemy is determined to remove it, take them down immediately.
  • When firing from the operator using a shield, it is not necessary to aim the right mouse, if the enemy is close enough, take hipfire (aimless shot).
  • Using laser is necessary on all pistol types of shield-operator because it is okay to reveal the position, you play shield. Lazer will reduce the spread of bullets when you hipfire.