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Rainbow Six Siege: The most effective guide to playing Kaid



Kaid is one of the few defensive agents capable of setting up towers both inside and outside the target location. Similar to other ACOG-owned 3 agents, he can hold the key corners and paths leading to the target. However, with the TCSG12 rifle dealing extremely high damage and reducing damage at a low range, players can completely break the opposing squad FROM EXTERNAL key areas, as well as “capture cards” anyone who uses the chaos at the battlefield to sneak into another path.

Advantages of Kaid

  • Can solidly protect hatches, extremely useful when it is necessary to defend the area above the target, such as the basement at Bank, Oregon, Consulate…
  • Difficult trap specialists except Thatcher due to the fact that they are not required to be located in a specific location of Rtila.
  • Rtila can charge many tools and solid walls at the same time.
  • TCSG12 is a super “shotgun” super shotgun.

Defect of Kaid

  • Unintentional equipment placement may unintentionally destroy some electrical devices of the teammates.
  • Slow movement speed + weapon turned on slowly.
  • There is no possibility of impersonating a wall like Bandit because Rtila of Kaid wastes time charging before it is charged.

Special Devices of Kaid


Kaid ‘s Rtila Electric Claw is a spherical perimeter device, which means you can charge more than one device/device with just one claw.

You should:

  • For tools placed close to each other such as the wire behind the bulletproof shield blocking the way, or bulletproof shields near the solid wall, place Rtila in the out of sight so that it is not easily bombarded, as well as Maximize its charged circumference.
  • You can break Hibana’s X-KAIROS by throwing Rtila at the wall the moment it is activated. Pay attention to the wall if it shows signs of X-KAIROS, especially in areas with solid walls sticking out like the garage in the Chalet screen.
  • Maverick has the ability to break solid walls even when charged. However, even if Maverick made a large hole enough to squeeze through the other side, Rtila would still charge on the hole created, dealing 3 damage per tick.
  • Also because of the spherical charge range, Rtila of Kaid can charge devices at locations other than it. If barbed wire is placed on the wooden floor on the 2nd floor, go down to the 1st floor and throw Rtila into the corresponding ceiling, it will easily charge and is out of sight of the attacker.

You shouldn’t:

  • Placing Rtila on an un-fortified wooden wall, it will be seen by IQ and shot through the wall.
  • Put Rtila of Kaid in the wild shutter. Choose the right trapdoor you need, because you won’t be able to get Rtila back because some of the hatches are too high, out of reach.
  • Breaking the Thermite breaking the Brimstone wall of Thermite, it only takes 3 seconds to break the wall while Rtila needs 5 seconds to generate electricity unless you have good judgment, it is not possible to stop Brimstone after activation.
  • Charge the bulletproof boards of Castle. Rtila can only charge metal but not carbon!