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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Ramlethal Valentine Special Moves, Instant Kill


Backyard-born cruel apocalypse from XRD -SIGN- has turned a new leaf over since she learned about burgers and puppies. Ramlethal can be fought by using two giant swords equipped or by setting them up to attack individually. The deployed swords can be used to control space in a neutral zone, forcing opponents to block after kills or in blockchains to keep opponents clamped so she can go mixed. . While her standard S and HS stats are assigned to her swords for the sake of large quota and set play, her P and K stats act like attack strings. seen in 3D fighters.

Ramlethal Playstyle


She specializes in juggling opponents into the corner and locking them down with summoned swords and deadly mix-ups.


  • Good Pokes: With swords equipped, Ramlethal has good jabs like f.S, and 5H can be transformed for zoning/mix/pressure, etc.
  • Strong angle Okizeme: She has some of the best okizeme in the corner.
  • Strong angle: Her combos in the middle screen have the ability to bring opponents into the corner from a very distant.
  • Good Meter Gain: Swords usually bring a large amount of tension.
  • Some of Burst’s safety points: Have access to some effective decoys in combos. (4p [x], 5D)


  • Poor ordinary people without swords: Her ordinary people become weaker without swords.
  • Lack of proper Gatlings: Difficult to exert real pressure outside the corner.
  • Unstable in certain situations: Sometimes there are problems with securely validating into sets and scoring strong knockdowns outside the corner.
  • Combine build continuity: Although long combos are an advantage, it also means opponents build meters and explode fast when a combination from her higher beat confirms.

Special Moves

  • Deploy Giant Sword: Similar to 2S of Ramlethal but instead rotating counter-clockwise. It is difficult to avoid and also causes the most congestion of all other sword attacks due to its attack level. Float on hit. Request sword H has been placed with 6H.
  • Retrieve Giant Sword: Can be used in some combos. The animation is pretty quick. Can be done in the air and also stops her air momentum.
  • Dauro: A type of rush-in that narrows an unsafe gap when blocking but is useful when hit, the advanced version gets less punitive.
  • Flama Kargo: Get commands with good boot and scoping. Launch when successfully retrieved, resulting in a lot of damage.
  • Sildo Detruo: Lots of startups this way, can be easily interrupted if they see it coming. You actually land before the hitbox hits, making it very weak when thrown.
  • Cassius: Throw it out to end obstacles or catch opponents trying to reach in the air, especially when the game plan shifts to sword deployment and killing time to recover. The mantle also deploys the HS sword’s vulnerability to being hit.
  • Marteli: Float on the counterhit for a full combo. Useful as a frame for an opponent trying to combine after f.S.
  • Forpeli: Reaches farther than Martelli and pushes more damage, but is significantly worse at blocking. Comes in handy in the situation when you need to get your H sword back while throwing a hitbox.

Ramlethal Instant Kill


Animo Estingi

  • Indicate the right timing for you, your opponent in Hellfire and you have 50% Tension
  • Uses Dauro animation of Ramlethal, complete with teleportation.