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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Raven Special Moves, Instant Kill


As a familiar face from Overture, Raven appears for the second time in the Guilty Gear series. Known as the “Immortal Disease”, he makes full use of his immortality to feed his miserable love in battle, thus making him fight even harder. before. As the powerful and mysterious “That Man” immediate subordinate, he cannot be underestimated.

Raven Playstyle


He combines an arsenal of awesome slot punches with unique movement and breathtaking gameplay. His arousal gauge gives him better damage and combo when he snowballs, but his low stun and poor defensive tuning mean he gets very hurt. sometimes make mistakes.


  • Corner Carry Messiah: Performs great angle when applying pressure thanks to his attack length and Grausam Impuls (236S) special move.
  • Scan combine tracking: Combine solid with scan.
  • Versatile: Nice mix of range, speed, and some of the above-normal ultra-low-profile configurations.
  • Effective zoning game: Multiple bullet line angles and a weapon defender make for a powerful zoning game.
  • Forward Dash: An extremely fast forward dash and invincible ability to help you easily overcome attacks.
  • Punisher: Can punish almost anything at close range with a well-timed super armor pose.
  • Snowballs Well: Damage and attribute on supers and some special moves can be improved by increasing the excitement level.


  • Hate Corner: Having difficulty escaping the corner kick, as his shot hits the ground.
  • Low punitive damage: His punishment reward is usually okizeme, not raw damage.
  • Easy Stun: Raven has the second-lowest stun resistance in the game.
  • Ground Dash: Initial slow acceleration on the ground makes it difficult to adjust distance and continue pressure without jumping.
  • Trouble Getting Started: He relies heavily on his arousal metrics to increase average damage and activate combo lanes.
  • Slow stats: Despite their staggering range of performance, most of the Raven benchmarks are slow

Special Moves

  • Glide: His forward strike is a dash: a double-edged sword defines him more than anything else. When used in high air, the glider will direct him down until he is directly above ground, at which point his orbit becomes horizontal.
  • Schmerz Berg: A solid projectile allows him to harass opponents outside of his normal range. Very useful for staking due to its slow effect and speed, but it can be blown away.
  • Gebrechlich Licht: Aerial version of his Schmerz Berg bullet. The K version is useful for zoning as its angle hinders the IAD while remaining low enough to prevent most characters from running in.
  • Grausam Impuls: A very long, discrete scratch. Mainly ends up the blockchain and combos as it kills on hit, allowing Raven enough time for IAD and meat or initiates the pressure with a dash.
  • Scharf Kugel: He unleashes a ball that hits multiple targets flying upwards while flying on the ground or diagonally downwards while flying in the air.
  • Give it to me HERE: His excited stance is a risky but rewarding way to gain excitement quickly. When he is attacked while standing, he instantly gains 1 level of euphoria regardless of the damage taken. Since stance armor starts at frame 5, stance might be one of his best ways to “escape” the frame trap.
  • Wachen Zweig: Raven took orders. It goes far beyond him but there is a dead zone right in front of him, where it cannot be hit. The move comes in two versions: the 63214H is the ground version aimed at the front, and the 63214S is aimed at an angle of 45 degrees or more.

Raven Instant Kill


When an opponent is in HELLFIRE, it can be combined into 63214S / H with enough excitement, making it potentially unstoppable and easy to land.

Raven burned both herself and her opponent alive in a pillar of fire and turned the two to ash. However, his title “Eternal Disease” is not just for show…