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Heroes of the Storm: Raynor Talent Build Guide


Raynor is a long-range Assassin who relies on hard-hitting and long-range Basic Strikes to counter his enemies from a safe distance. He combines simple abilities with simple mechanics, however, he requires good positioning and maps awareness in order to exert his real powers. Since he doesn’t have any sort of innate escape mechanism, such as teleportation or dashing, knowing when to fight and when to retreat is crucial to achieving good results. while playing this Hero.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Raynor



  • Long-range
  • Strong Basic Attacks
  • Low learning curve
  • Decent PvE damage with Exterminator
  • Self-sustaining well through Talent and Abilities


  • One-sided playstyle
  • No innate escape mechanisms
  • Blinds greatly reduce his effectiveness
  • Requires good positioning

Talent Build of Raynor

Standard Auto Attack Build

Exterminator (lv1) – Ace in the Hole, Fight or Flight (lv4), Unstable Compound (lv7), his Raider (lv10) – Hyperion, Giddy-Up (lv13) – Debilitating Rounds, Paint Them Red (lv16), Execute (lv20) – Dusk Wing (lv20).

The standard auto-attack build is designed to amplify his damage while also giving him good survivability. At level 1, Exterminator will deal PvE damage to Raynor. It should be selected in the Map where mercenaries and mercenaries are needed, or in the Battlefield of Eternity, to significantly increase damage to immortality.

At Level 10, both Hero Skills are viable, however, we recommend his Raider as the primary pick, while Hyperion can be a great choice for pushing Forts, Keeps, or for target control in Volskaya Foundry or Infernal Shrines. Giddy-Up is a standard option for 13 people, but Fixed Spins would be even better if an enemy was easily hit with a Piercing Ring.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

He excels if played with Heroes who can easily protect him, while also creating space for him to unleash more Basic Strike. Aside from the tanks with the ability to transform well, Thrall is a good teammate, as the Earthquake’s slow speed not only assists Raynor in fighting but also allows him to play freely in battles.

Countered by:

Since he relied entirely on Basic Strike, Ganh was his worst enemy. Hence, Heroes like Johanna, Artanis, or Cassia can really cripple his combat performance.

Maps of Raynor


He usually works well on most maps, however, he is a bit more effective on split push heavy maps, such as Infernal Shrines or Dragon Shire. The more opportunities he has to attack his opponent from a safe distance. Try to avoid getting caught alone with your team while playing him, as his escape abilities are quite limited. He shouldn’t be played in the solo lane, instead, try to engage in map rotation and stay behind your Warriors while moving from lane to lane.

Tips and Tricks

  • Movement is crucial when playing Raynor, as he doesn’t have any ability to close the gap. Therefore, be sure to keep stuttering between each Basic Strike even while fighting troops in the lane.
  • You can reassign a new target to your Banshee manually by hovering the cursor over the desired target and pressing R again.
  • Penetrating Round can also be used to knock enemies away from you. It can also be used to fling enemies towards your teammates.
  • The Inspire also works on Minions and Mercenaries. Use it in push waves to take down enemy Buildings faster.