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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Guide – Tips & Tricks For Players

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Science fiction often portrays space as unforgiving and dangerous, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is no different. Starting with a junk spaceship, Platypus, and basic equipment, you must do your best to earn money, fight off space pirates or law enforcement, and ultimately survive.

Difficulty To Play On

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has four difficulty modes for you to choose from Normal, Veteran, Sim, and Old School. If playing the game for the first time, it’s best to enable Normal mode. This gives you some better starting items, including a combat laser, a threat color-coded radar, a secondary gun, and an afterburner. While these are generally basic and you’ll replace them with better ones as you progress, it helps a lot when you’re just getting started.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

On the other hand, Veteran is similar but you start with the bare minimum. Those first few hours will be slow as you try to prep yourself with some gear. Both Normal and Veteran allow the use of supports, making combat a lot easier. Sim and Old School are tough modes that shouldn’t be played until you’ve had some experience – if any – with assist disabled, making gameplay more manual and difficult.

Visit The Bars – Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Pretty much every space station you visit has a bar, and the ech bar has the option for you to talk to the bartender. This isn’t just a trivial conversation with an NPC – you can opt to receive news, rumors, bonuses, information about the local market, and more. Some tips, such as bonus goals, will cost you a few credits, but this is information that is often worth paying for.

As well as the bartenders, the bars have a wide selection of different bar games to play, like dice, slots, and 8 ball. Even if you are not a gambler, bar games might be worth a try as they can help you not only credit but also equipment. Try different options, and while many will just be a credit gamble (not particularly bothersome), your opponent will sometimes say they have a piece of equipment for gambling. Compare this with the item’s value in the gear bay and you can decide if it’s worth the risk.

Try Out Different Ships

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has many different types of ships for you to choose from. These attributes vary, with some having large cargo holds more suitable for trading and others having higher speed, defense, and attack.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Not many ships will be available at the beginning, to unlock new ships, you will have to go to different systems and meet certain requirements. But remember that once you have the right to buy new ships, you will generously resell them for the same price you bought them for. As a result, you can try out different ships and see which suits your playstyle.

That said, ships are very expensive. First, you’ll be better served to upgrade all your gear and defenses – all of which will carry over to your new ride.

Avoid Getting Caught – Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Smuggled goods are illegal goods ranging from explosives to dodgy beer. Police ships will regularly start scanning your cargo to check for contraband. As soon as you receive a warning that this is happening, go to the hold menu and unload any cargo you are transporting. They don’t seem to know about you doing this, as of the time of writing. You can then go straight back and pick it up again when the scan is complete.

For a more elegant solution, you can upgrade to the smuggler’s cargo hold, which will let you hide a few pieces of contraband – but you’ll have to pay the price and have limited space.