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League of Legends: Recommended Build for Yasuo in Wild Rift 2020

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Currently, This Champion Yasuo in League of Legends: Wild Rift is being frequently used by players because he has skills that can be turned into a deadly combination. Yasuo himself has the characteristics of a Champion Fighter-Assassin that you can adjust to the situation and conditions of the match.

Currently, Yasuo is often used to fill Mid-Lane or Baron-Lane. Moreover, Yasuo’s Skill 2 – Wind Wall has its own advantage because it can withstand any attacks given by the enemy.

Overall, Yasuo has a painful combination that can’t be underestimated when 1v1.

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If you’re new to Yasuo, We highly recommend reading some of the guides below to learn why this build is strong! Let’s look at the following guide!

Yasuo Wild Rift’s Skill

Passive Skill – Way of the Wanderer

Resolve: Moving around increases the Flow, which can be seen under Yasuo’s Health bar.

When Flow is maximal, then an attack from a champion or monster gives Yasuo a Shield which can absorb 100 Damage for 2 seconds.

Intent: Doubled Yasuo’s critical strike chance, but 10% less critical damage.

Skill 1 – Steel Tempest

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Deals 78 Physical Damage (20 + 100% AD).

Yasuo also gets a stack and when it reaches 2 stacks, Steel Tempest launches a whirlwind which gives an Airborne effect to the opponent. If this skill is used after using skill 3 (Sweeping Blade), then the Stell Tempest area of ​​attack becomes a circle.

Skill 2 – Wind Wall

Yasuo creates a wall that can block enemy projectiles for 4 seconds.

Skill 3 – Sweeping Blade

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Yasuo moves towards the target, dealing 70 Magic Damage (70 + 20% bonus AD + 60% AP).

Every time you use a skill, the next basic damage will increase by 25% -50%. However, this skill cannot be repeated on the same opponent for 8 seconds. If skill 1 is casted while using this skill, the area of ​​attack for skill 1 will turn into a circle.

Ultimate Skill – Last Breath

Yasuo immediately moves to the enemy champion who is hit by Air borne, dealing 200 Physical Damage (200 + 150% bonus AD) for 1.5 seconds. After that, Flow’s passive skill stack becomes full and for the next 15 seconds, critical damage from Yasuo provides an additional 30% Armor Penetration.

Yasuo Build From ‘Bert Blyleven’

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This Yasuo’s build comes from ‘Bert Blyleven’ who is in 1st place, on the current League of legend Wild Rift Open Beta leaderboard server.

  • Statikk Shiv – +25% Critical Strike / +35% Attack Speed
  • Ninja Tabi – +40 Move Speed / +15 Armor
  • Infinity Edge – + 70 Attack Damage / + 20% Critical Strike Chance
  • Blade of The Ruined King – +30 Attack Damage / +30% Attack Speed
  • Guardian Angel –  +45 Attack Damage / +40 Armor 
  • Death’s Dance – +300 Max Health / +35 Attack

This item combination has a fairly large damage output because it prioritizes on Physical damage, and Attack speed

Runes – Yasuo

  • Fleet Footwork
  • Hunter – Vampirism
  • Spirit Walker
  • Sweet Tooth


  • Ignite
  • Flash

That’s it for the recommended build in Wild Rift. Stay tuned for more news and updates!