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RED Canids vs Infinity Prediction – World Championship – 10/05

RED Canids vs Infinity Prediction

RED Canids vs Infinity prediction on October 05, 2021. Infinity and RED Canids have never faced each other officially in a professional match. This will be the first time that both teams will face each other in a professional match.

RED Canids Overview

RED Canids vs Infinity Prediction

Coming from the Americas, but due to the lack of a common tournament system. The defending champion and runner-up at LCS 2021 Summer, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves, became the 2 representatives who received the honor of coming directly to the event. 

The main team of the world finals 2021, and the 3rd place team in North America, Cloud 9, must go to play in Group B of the Play-Ins round to dispute 1 of the last 4 tickets. South America also contributed 2 more regional champions, RED Canids from Brazil and Infinity eSports from Costarica. These will also be the two names participating in the second match in Group A of the Play-Ins round.

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Infinity Overview

RED Canids vs Infinity Prediction

In terms of performance, Infinity Esports had a brilliantly successful season. The team advanced to MSI 2021, where they were praised for their performance.

2 consecutive championships at LLA Opening 2021 and LLA Closing 2021 have brought Infinity eSports back to the world finals in 2021 after 3 years of absence due to poor achievements in the region. In 2018, this Costarica team also passed the Play-Ins group stage with 2nd place in Group A. But soon after, they had to say goodbye to the tournament soon after losing 3 -1 in the decisive match against the representative from Spain, G2 Esports.

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RED Canids vs Infinity Prediction

Therefore, while unknown in the context compared to some of the other big shot teams, there’s a chance they could surprise a few people regardless. Therefore, predictions and details about this match have been listed below.

Infinity’s final game was against Estral Esports in the best of five series at the closing LLA finals of 2021. They won 3-2. RED Canids’ last match was in the 2021 CBLOL finals where they faced Rensga esports and won 3-1.

RED Canids vs Infinity Prediction

Although it has only emerged since the end of 2020, RED Canids has quickly become the dominant name in all professional tournaments held at the Brazilian server. Entering the world-class playground for the first time, RED Canids is being highly appreciated in Group A. 

Owning a group of talented and ambitious young players, which is also a name that is receiving high praise than in the 2nd matchup in Group A of the Play-Ins round. Predict the score of this match will be 1-0 with the first victory belonging to the only representative of Brazil at the world finals.

RED Canids vs Infinity Bet Prediction

RED Canids vs Infinity total score prediction:

Game 1: RED Canids wins

Total score 1-0

First blood:

Game 1: RED Canids

Total kills:

Game 1: Infinity eSports 14 – 22 RED Canids


RED Canids: TitaN, guigo, Jojo, Avenger, Grevthar, Aegis

Infinity eSports: WhiteLotus, Kz, cody, SolidSnake, Buggax, Ackerman, Brayaron