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RED Canids vs Peace Prediction – World Championship

RED Canids vs Peace Prediction

RED Canids vs Peace prediction on October 07, 2021. RED Canids certainly will not miss their opportunity when they only have to play against a weak opponent. The schedule in the final stage will be extremely difficult when this Brazilian team will have to face 2 in turn candidates from China and Korea are LNG Esports and Hanwha Life Esports.

RED Canids Overview

RED Canids vs Peace Prediction

RED Canis is temporarily ranked 2nd in Group A with their first victory over Infinity eSports from Costarica after finishing the first day of competition at the 2021 World Finals Play-Ins round. 

As of the time of writing, RED Canids is 3 points less than the strongest representative in the group, LNG Esports. But thanks to the match between the two strongest representatives in the table, LNG Esports and Hanwha Life Esports, RED Canids is automatically becoming one. The name is able to compete fairly at the tournament table.

Peace Overview

RED Canids vs Peace Prediction

Along with Infinity eSports, Peace is also a team that is suffering from nothing after the first day of competition in Group A. But this defeat is not worth arguing when facing them is LNG Esports. The team can be considered as the number 1 candidate in the group. Peace and Infinity eSports are two teams that are not appreciated for their ability to continue in this group. Both are just emerging names in the region, and have no international experience in any country which tournaments.

RED Canids vs Peace Prediction

With a cautious mentality in this match, it is likely that both sides will stop at exploration in the early game. Ban/pick they will also choose safe generals to go to the lane. As well as not to lose too much to the opponent to serve for farming and defending before entering the teamfight. 

Because of the caution in the way of movement, the early game will have a tendency to freeze. Both sides only stop at exchanging skills as well as focusing on farming soldiers to increase levels. Victory is the biggest goal of both RED Canids and Peace. So they will have to ensure adequate equipment in key damage positions. 

RED Canids vs Peace Prediction

Peace has the upper hand on the big goals. But that’s just the metric this whole season, where they played in the LCO Split. When it comes to international reach, it is extremely difficult for them to repeat the same thing with RED Canids. The first victory is more likely for RED Canids while Peace now prioritizes dragon souls as well as being the first Baron of the match. The balance and tight match make both sides play very slowly instead of being too absorbed in the attack because failure will be difficult to do again at this time.

RED Canids vs Peace Bet Prediction

RED Canids vs Peace total score prediction:

Game 1: RED Canids wins

Total score 1-0

First blood:

Game 1: RED Canids

Total kills:

Game 1: Peace 9 – 15 RED Canids 


RED Canids: TitaN, Grevthar, Jojo, Avenger, guigo, Aegis

Peace: Tally, Vizicsacsi, Api, LeeSA, Aladoric, Babip, Violet, Halo, Chayon, Zingy