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Red Dead Online: How to Get Rich Fast!

Red Dead Online

Since December 1, Red Dead Online has been sold as a standalone and has been on a discount by Rockstar until February 15, 2021, more and more players are starting to play Red Dead Online. 

While Rockstar has already provided players with tutorials at the beginning of the game, most players still don’t know how to earn money and get more gold. Therefore, we would like to give you some tips and tricks for beginners to get more familiar with the gameplay and get rich fast.

Red Dead Online

Complete All Story Missions

When you first start your journey in the Red Dead Online, you will encounter Mr. Horley and Mrs. LeClerk, who are the two major characters in Red Dead Online story missions. It’s highly advised to complete all the story missions, because at the end of the story, you will end up getting 5 gold bars and several hundred dollars.

All of these story missions are shown on the map as a yellow icon. If you’re playing alone, you might team up with random players in matchmaking. The story missions in Red Dead Online are basically tutorials before because these missions show you how to use a lasso, a Dead Eye feature, among other things.

Stranger Missions – Red Dead Online

Apart from the story missions, another free roam activity that can reward you with lots of gold is the Stranger Missions, marked with a waving person icon on the map. After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with gold, money, and XP.

There’s a simple trick on how to get the maximum rewards from completing Stranger Missions, which is by taking your time as long as possible. If you complete the missions in less than six minutes, you will be rewarded with 0.08 gold. But if you complete the missions in twenty minutes, you can get 0.4 gold.

Get the Arabian Red Chestnut

Early in your career, you will be riding a Scrawny Nag, this horse is considered the worst in Red Dead Online. It has poor stamina, slow speed, gets tired and hungry easily. Therefore, make sure to replace Scrawny Nag with a better horse, so you can speed up your money-making process.

For beginners, The Arabian Red Chestnut is one of the highly recommended horses. This horse won’t cost you much, only $250, and can be purchased right away by any beginners. In terms of its performance, the Arabian Red Chestnut is perfect, especially in the earlier game. With a good saddle and stirrup, Arabian Red Chestnut can be considered a good choice, given its performance.

Equip Yourself with A Bolt-Action Rifle

Red Dead Online

Having a reliable weapon is a must in Red Dead Online, one of the best weapons for beginners is the Bolt-Action Rifle. Actually, there are other better weapons, like the Springfield, Carcano, or the Rolling Block Rifle. Unfortunately, for beginners, the best rifle that they can obtain is the Bolt-Action.

While it’s more suitable for a beginner, Bolt-Action Rifle performs quite well, especially once you’ve upgraded its barrel and iron sights. Aside from being a suitable weapon for various missions, the Bolt-Action Rifle also works great for hunting such as bison, deer, etc.

Nonetheless,the Bolt-Action has a terrible fire rate. On the other hand, its damage and accuracy are excellent in comparison to others, which have a higher fire rate.

Treasure Maps & Daily Challenges

Aside from the Story & Stranger Missions, you can earn money and gold in Red Dead Online by doing the Treasure Maps and Daily Challenges. Every five levels, you will receive a Treasure Map that you can pick up at the post office, each map contains the location of a treasure chest with various loot. 

You can also do a series of Daily Challenges each day, where you will be rewarded with gold bars. In Daily Challenges, there’s a streak system, which will multiply the number of gold bars if you manage to complete at least one Challenge for seven to twenty-eight consecutive days.

Fast Travel & Auto Travel – Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has a vast map, Rockstar has provided a feature that helps players to explore the map easier. The fast travel feature that allows you to move from one place to another much quicker for a price. There’s also auto travel, where you and your horse will be on “autopilot” mode until you reach your designated location.

It’s easy to activate the auto travel feature. All you need to do is to mark down your destination by setting a waypoint on your map.

Ability Cards – Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has an ability system, based on the cards that you put in the Ability Loadout slots. There are several abilities, one of them is the Paint It Black, which will mark certain body parts of your targets while aiming using your Dead Eye.

There are many Ability Cards available in Red Dead Online. Unfortunately, you can put only four cards in your build. And of course, to unlock and upgrade these cards, you will need to use some cash.