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Red Dead Online – Things You Should Know Before Starting

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

The Western world of Red Dead Online is vast and full of things to do. Play as a Trader and own a business that sells animal goods. Or play as a Bounty Hunter and become the Lone Ranger, stopping crime and imprisoning the bad guys.

Horses Are Everything

Forget dogs, horses are a player’s best friend in Red Dead Online. Buying a horse is easy, but keeping that horse from dying is another matter. To keep old Penny alive, gamers definitely need to buy Horse Insurance and Horse Revives.

Horse Insurance guarantees their horses will return in a short time. Horse Revives are valuable for time-sensitive tasks where horses are most needed, such as chasing outlaws. But other than that, they’re basically unimportant. It is also key to bond with their horses because at the top (level 4 link) horses have more stamina, are stronger, and are even slightly faster.

Cinematic Mode – Red Dead Online

Just like in Story Mode, your character can “auto-ride” to a set marker on the map. Do this by speeding along the established path and holding the Change View button until the screen is set to wide.

This is called Cinema Mode and is ideal for gamers who don’t want to stop playing for a quick snack or go to the bathroom. The trouble with this is that if a player is absent for too long, the game will “kick” them to idling. It is also not possible to save your character when attacked by a pack of wolves or even other hostile players in time.

Frontier Pursuits Price

Red Dead Online isn’t as exciting without the Frontier Pursuits DLC. But buying it is expensive, at $60 it’s as expensive as the base game itself. However, just purchasing content does not give players access to new character roles.

For the Trader role, they will need to buy Butcher’s Block for their camp for 15 gold. For the Bounty Hunter role, they will need to purchase a Bounty Hunter License for 10 gold. Then, to become a Collector and be able to sell items to the gypsies, they will need 10 gold for the Collector’s Bag.

Ability Cards – Red Dead Online

All Ability Cards don’t unlock until after level 50 but they are useful for giving character perks. Depending on the Dead Eye and the chosen Passive Card, the player can build his character into anything.

To become a character that deals the most damage, equip the Focus Fire dead-eye card, the Eye For An Eye card, the Strange Medicine card, and the Iron Lung card. For the ultimate hunter, equip the Paint It Black dead eye card, the Unblinking Eye card, Landon’s Patience card, and the Live For A Fight card. Upgrade them to make them work efficiently.

Daily Challenges

Everything from changing a character’s hairstyle, changing their camp theme, to skinning a cow, can earn players some serious gold with Daily Challenges. For each complete challenge, they can earn up to four gold bars a day. So players should not ignore these for free coins.

In addition to gold, challenges also bring extra XP. But even getting a few things done a day can create a “chain” and continuing it will earn better rewards. For example, completing a twenty-eight-day sequence will earn them a random treasure map. These bonuses change frequently and sometimes include clothing items.