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Renegades vs Renewal Prediction – ESL Pro League – 11/23

Renegades vs Renewal Prediction

Renegades vs Renewal Prediction

Renegades vs Renewal prediction on November 23, 2021. Taking a big advantage with many maps with a high win rate, Renegades will of course take the initiative in the ban/pick phase. They can completely ensure safety by blocking the main map of the opponent.

Renegades Overview

The lucky draw helped Renegades only have to face Renewal in the ESL Pro League playoff round. The opponent ranked too far behind Renegades when they were the 29th ranked team in the world. 

Although the current form is not too good, in the last 10 matches they won 5 and lost 5. However, with a much weaker Renewal like in the upcoming match. Experts do not believe that the opponent will cause damage to be difficult for Renegades at all.

Renewal Overview

Renewal is only ranked 147th in the world rankings, so it’s not too difficult to understand that they are quite limited in terms of skills compared to Renegades. 

Renewal’s performance is also on par with the opponent’s when they won 5 victories and received 5 losses in the last 10 matches. But only competing with low-level names makes it difficult for them to progress in terms of their performance capacity. Not too surprised if Renewal received a quick defeat in the next match.

Renegades vs Renewal Prediction

Basically just banning Overpass is considered to be the ban/pick phase for Renegades. This is the only map they lack confidence against Renewal when there is no win for the past 3 months. Whereas Renewal has too many maps to ban, Dust 2 or Mirage to Vertigo and Nuke are all maps that Renewal is much weaker than the opponent.

Maybe Renewal has to ban Mirage only when this map Renegades has not lost once in the past 3 months. So if they don’t want to fail too soon, they have to ban it. With the remaining choices, Renegades is too easy to find a map for themselves to win at least 1 game. Renewal is the one who has to weigh their brain in their picks. 

Basically, they don’t have many options when they only have Inferno or Ancient to surprise the opponent. Ancient is too risky when both teams do not shoot many maps in this match and Inferno has a weaker win rate than the opponent. 

Even so, Inferno is probably the best choice for Renewal at the moment, at least they maintain a stable win rate when the last 3 shots of this map are only 1 time. However, Renegades did not get bored if he had to shoot this map. With 7 shots in Inferno, this team maintained a win rate of up to 71%, a very impressive number.

Renegades vs Renewal Bet Prediction

Renegades vs Renewal total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Renegades 1-0 Renewal
  • Game 2: Renegades 1-0 Renewal

Total score 2-0 (Renegades wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Renegades
  • Game 2: Renewal

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Renegades 16-6 Renewal (Under)
  • Game 2: Renegades 16-9 Renewal (Under)


Renegades: Sico, Hatz, aliStair, INS, malta

Renewal: dobu, nin9, kabal, NEUZ, rate