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Resident Evil Village Guide – Tips To Help You Survive The Game

Resident Evil Village

Some Resident Evil Village tips are always useful when you are fighting monsters to get your daughter back. This hellish ride in Eastern Europe features werewolves, vampires, and a lot worse. As well as puzzles to solve and open areas to explore. The tips we give will equip you with all the essential knowledge you need to survive and progress from the very beginning. 

Fully explored areas – Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

This is one of the most useful Resident Evil Village tips – if you enter a building or room for the first time, the area on the map will be marked with red color. That means there’s a lot to explore in this location, which could be anything from secrets to extra ammo. When there’s nothing left to explore, the area turns blue and you know you can carry on without missing a thing. Keep in mind that some secrets can only be discovered later in the game, so if there’s something you can’t open or interact with, the map will stay red and you’ll need to come back later.

Yellow objects are breakable

Resident Evil Village

You’ve probably already figured out this Resident Evil Village trick, but the wooden crates and chests with yellow tape on them can break to get the valuables inside. A little less obvious is the yellow tape on locks, wells, wooden beams, and even yellow cables running along the floors and roof. They can also indicate that the object is breakable, that they can be used in some other way, or simply lead to what you are looking for. If you get stuck at any point, make sure you look around to see if there’s anything yellow that can help you out.

Shoot any sparkles – Resident Evil Village

Once you reach the Village, you’ll start to notice little glimmers of light here and there if you look closely. Use your handgun or even knife if you can reach to hit them, and they will drop shards of crystals, large crystals, or other gemstones such as vivianite or quartz. You can sell them to merchants, called Dukes, for a good supply of in-game currency called Lei. One hint: the first one is on the Maiden of War statue.

Inventory space

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding great supplies but not having the storage space to carry them with you. Since you can’t drop weapons or ammo, managing the non-upgraded inventory in Resident Evil Village is even harder. One of the first tips that you should do is buy the inventory expansion (10,000 Lei) at the Duke store. Once you have it, keep an eye on ammo recipes, so you can craft your own shotgun and sniper rifle ammunition with the resources you find.

Learns the game’s sounds 

Resident Evil Village

Do you hear some strange growl after entering a new room? There must be enemies by your side. If you remember the sound of certain types of enemies, you will immediately know what you will face next time. 

Enemy noise will only go away after the last one dies, so it also lets you know when you’re safe. Likewise, a tick means a collectible Warding Goat is nearby, while a squeak means there’s a birdcage somewhere to shoot down for loot or resources. Just don’t pay much attention to the other standard background sounds; they don’t signal anything.