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Returnal guide – Essential tips for beginners

Returnal guide

Playing the PS5-exclusive Returnal Review for the first time is sure to be a terrifying and bewildering walk into the dark for many, with the game leaving quite a bit for players to piece together as they play. How the game world is put together is part of the puzzle, how to survive against different enemies, what all these strange aliens you find do, all shrouded in mystery. So we’ve put together a Returnal guide for beginners to put you on the right track.

Keep your distance – Returnal guide

Returnal guide

One of the first things to learn with Returnal is that you can actually keep your distance from enemies sending waves of orbs in your direction. A variety of weapons can hit their target from across the room, whether it’s the basic Modified Sidearm SD-B8 or the Tachyomatic Carbine you use early on. 

The Spitmaw is a closer range shotgun for those who like to get stuck, but it’s more of a risk to get too close to some of the stronger enemies and isn’t really the best weapon for boss fights!

One thing we will say is keeping your distance means you will get fewer Items from enemies before they disappear.

Learn to Overload

One of the basics you need to learn in this Returnal guide is how to Overload your weapon in a Gears of War-style QTE that reloads whenever you run out of ammunition – otherwise, you won’t have to worry about reloading manually or ammo and the gun will be filled with too much ammo. seconds without firing. All you need to do is release the trigger R2 and then pull R2 back at the right time.

Shown on a cross in the center of the screen, a bar fills up from left to right with a small indicator indicating when you should try to pull the trigger. Do it wrong and you won’t be punished, but it will take the usual amount of time. Increasing your Adrenaline level makes periods much looser.

Check the mini-map – Returnal guide

Returnal guide

The 3D minimap is an extremely useful tool for exploring Returnal’s environments, but it’s so much more. It will also tell you where there are enemies around you with a small red marker, letting you know that the area is unsafe.

It will also show the locations of known pickups on the map (great if you need to find some healing after a tough fight) and easily mark the main road through an area. Finding the blue triangle door icon for routes that are off the beaten path can reward you with extra gear and weapons. It’s also pretty important to show the entire map to check if you’ve missed a branch before reaching the area boss.

Look for secret rooms

Returnal guide

As the Returnal guide, looking a lot like an Obolite cluster, these gold picks are actually pitted that you’ll fall into in a hidden secret room! They can include a lot of things, such as a trio of weapon chests, just tons and tons of Items, several crafters to craft picks up.

Also, remember how you had to shoot a bolt to open a door right after you got the pistol for the first time? You’ll see similar doors later, but with better-hidden light switches. However, you will need to unlock the melee attack before you can cut the vines.