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Heroes of the Storm: Rexxar Talent Build Guide


Rexxar is a Bruiser followed by his bear companion, Misha, who fights alongside him and supports him in various ways throughout the game. Compared to most other Heroes, playing him is a unique experience as you have to control both him and Misha at the same time.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Rexxar



  • Strong Solo Laner on all Maps
  • Hard to gank if played properly
  • Good crowd control
  • Misha can be used to strategically hold several Targets


  • No mobility
  • Not the real hero when Misha is dead
  • Energy management can sometimes be crucial to winning solo lanes

Talent Build of Rexxar

Basic Attacks Build

Bird of Prey (lv1), Hunter-Gatherer (lv4) – Hungry Bear – Grizzled Fortitude, Aspect of the Beast (lv7), Unleash the Boars (lv10), Dire Beast (lv13) – Aspect of the Hawk, Feign Death (lv16) – Thrill of the Hunt – Primal Intimidation, Kill Command (lv20).

His basic attack build focuses on Misha’s basic attacks to make the most of this Hero’s worth. In particular, Aspect of the Beast and usually Dire Beast makes Misha become scary if ignored by the enemy team.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Rexxar combines very well with Heroes who add crowd control to combine with Misha, Charge! in no particular order (such as Johanna can group enemy Heroes for you or Malfurion might make your fight longer).

Make sure your follow uptime is good to maximize their effectiveness. The mages will easily benefit from the additional crowd control of Misha, Charge! and by unleashing the Boars to a lower level (like Jaina does more damage if her target is stationary or it is being slowed down more than she can do on her own).

Countered by:

He doesn’t need to be afraid of many Heroes, as he is an excellent solo laner and a solid team fighter for most of the game’s stages. The only sure counterattack in the solo lane is Qhira as she has enough close range to reach Rexxar behind Misha, dealing damage to pressure Misha to die or kill him and sustain herself to perform a Good deal when attacking your opponent. During teamfights, he also encounters Heroes who can rush at him and evade crowd control thanks to their high maneuverability (such as Zeratul).

Maps of Rexxar

He excels on maps like Braxis Holdout, Dragon Shire, or Tomb of the Spider Queen, where he can fulfill the role of a Solo laner while the rest of his team take care of the rest. of the Map. He does not suffer from any specific Maps.

Tips and Tricks

  • Considering his unique design, you should get used to the unique maneuvering of Misha by spending a few minutes in Trial Mode before playing a match as Rexxar.
  • Use [Alt + D] to create Misha yourself, Focus! and quickly summons Misha to your side.
  • Misha can be a great tool for intercepting enemy Skills that were initially aimed at him or a vulnerable ally.

Role in the Current Meta

He is currently one of the best solo laners in the game as Misha can pick up the Experience Globe instead of him. He can also soak twice well enough. His strong crowd control makes him a valuable asset in teamfights, both for engagement and for aggression.

Rexxar requires good micro-management in order to maximize his full potential, and as a result, he can sometimes feel quite overwhelming with newer players. Control Misha with Misha, Concentrate! It was difficult at first, however, once he got past his initial learning curve, his powerful chasing and killing abilities as well as his ability to stun multiple enemies at the same time made him one. force to be reckoned with.