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Ring Of Pain Guide – Tips And Tricks For Newbies

Ring Of Pain

Ring of Pain is the second and first game from the Twice Different studio, but you wouldn’t guess it from the polish and design on the screen. Don’t let the name fool you: this game is fun as long as you can handle all the moving parts underneath the hood. And that’s why we started: use these tips and tricks to make sure the only people feeling pain in that ring are your enemies.

Prioritize The Unknown – Ring Of Pain

Ring Of Pain

The doors connecting each room are randomly random and can lead to raids or ambushes. Every first occurrence will show a question mark above the door, don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown. You won’t finish this game overnight and knowledge, as they say, is power. Your future self will thank you for being aware of which colored light shining through the door indicates a room full of puppies (no exaggeration) and which is an ambush of explosive blobs.

Peace Is Always An Option

Your run will of course benefit from any souls and gear shards you can use from Ring. Of course, you want to see all those cards explode under your accumulated power. But sometimes that bravery will land you between a rock monster and an unlikely sneak opportunity. A dead adventurer in Ring of Pain will not progress and you cannot carry your gear to the next life. Always keep an eye on the door as you explore and be ready to part if your health is failing.

Synergy A Go-Go – Ring Of Pain

Some rarer items will benefit if combined with other items of its relative, or obviously synergistic with other combat effects such as freeze, poison, or deflect. The chances of getting more than two of the two can be uncomfortably slim, but it’s worth appreciating the sum of its parts.

Health Potions

Ring Of Pain

Scattered among the beasts and treasures in each room will be a number of delicious red health potions, each refilling a huge amount of life force. And it can be tempting to scratch that rotten dog off the table. But consider how much punishment you can make first to maximize profits. Any extra health is wasted, and potions are indeed a valuable resource.

Always Choose A Weapon

Treasure chests will give you a prize binary option if you choke souls to unlock their contents. And while each piece of gear is essential to survival, nothing makes it easier to find than a weapon. If your dexterous hands are empty and one appears in the wilderness of the Ring, then you should do your best for it. Unless it’s The Spoon, I’d like to know how that trash will help me.

Talk With The Void – Ring Of Pain

Ring Of Pain

You’re not entirely alone in the twisting nightmare of the Ring. The two dwellers will appear frequently, the Owl cheerful and frank, and the void and murky. Each will reveal details about themselves, the player’s character, and the circumstances that brought you here. Some of them can even award picked-up prizes. Just… don’t listen too closely.