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Riot Games Announces 2021 Esports and College Competition Plans for Southeast Asia

Riot Games

Riot Games Southeast Asia today announced plans to host esports and college competitions in 2021 for League of Legends: Wild Rift, a 5v5 MOBA game currently available in Open Beta throughout Southeast Asia.

Wild Rift Esports will start with several small competitive events which are held alternately from January to March so that game fans can recognize the talents and teams that exist in each region. 

In April, the competition will shift to eight circuit tournaments in selected locations where teams will compete for the local title. After crowning the local champions, they will compete with other local champions at the Southeast Asian level.

Riot Games

Riot Games Southeast Asia will partner with several parties to hold this competitive event. Partners for esports competitions will focus on major esports events and tournaments, while for competitions at the college level, Riot Games will collaborate with educational institutions and universities in each region to present interesting tournaments for students. 

The selected partners who will cooperate with the support of Riot Games Southeast Asia in holding the official Wild Rift esports tournament are as follows:


VNG for the Vietnam higher education and esports tournament, quote:

“We realize that the players have high enthusiasm for participating in the Wild Rift competition. In 2021, we will focus on building the foundation needed to host Wild Rift esports in Southeast Asia for the long term. We hope to provide unforgettable experiences with the best esports partners in the region throughout 2021, ”said Chris Tran, Head of Esports, Riot Games Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


PGL and Eliphant for the esports tournament and Singapore universities


Cyber ​​Games Arena for the Taiwan esports tournament

Taiwan Mobile and TeSL for the Taiwan university tournament


ONE Up for Indonesian esports and university tournaments


ESL for the Malaysian esports tournament

The Gaming Company for Malaysian college tournaments


Mineski Philippines for the Philippines esports tournament.

Mineski Philippines and AcadArena as two separate organizers for the Philippine higher tournament


ESL for Thai esports and college tournaments

Stay tuned for more news regarding the 2021 Wild Rift  in the coming weeks!