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Riot Games should reconsider the cooldown reduction in League of Legends

Riot games

Cooldown reduction is gradually becoming too big a difference for gamers in League of Legends. This index is gradually becoming too strong beyond the control of Riot Games.


Cooldown reduction has always been extremely powerful. As the more you cast, the greater your damage will naturally be without you needing too much AD or AP. Because of understanding the hegemony of this index, Riot Games usually only puts this index in a few special items and is suitable for certain champions only.

In order to have cooldown reduction, you will have to trade many things like damage, energy.

However, after a series of small updates of many items, cooldown reduction has now become more common than ever. If before, 40% cooldown reduction could only be achieved at the late game with full equipment. Now with only 1-2 items, you will have it. This invisibility has caused League of Legends to be pushed up too fast. Due to the damage of large champions, constantly and coming too early.

Moreover, those items also give too much pure damage and become extremely “perfect”.

The two classes of characters that benefit most from those perfections that Riot Games offers are Gladiators and wizards. Not only has the hegemony, strong damage early, these two classes of characters only need a single item to have a 20% cooldown reduction. Moreover, but the other states of the Luden, Black cleaver also fits well with that class.

You either choose to buy one of these two items depending on the quality of the general. Or be disadvantaged in the match.


The most ridiculous item to mention here is Luden, this item is almost the “item” of every mage. Because it simply gives you all the things this character class needs. Do you want to damage it? Luden gives you up to 90 AP.

If you need energy, even a small item called Lost Chapter is already there. Of course, this item gives you a 20% reduction in cooldown.

As a result, for the past several years, Mages and Fighters have been the dominant rulers of the League of Legends. They have too much early power and overshadowing every other position. AD is probably the biggest victim of this, the reason is very simple. Most of the equipment used by the ADs do not give cooldown reduction. Perhaps the Soul Scythe but not this general is also suitable for this item.

And then non-AD carries meta came out, teams like Sona – Tahm Kench, Sona – Taric, non-farm Senna styles appeared. It violently shook the position of the AD carries. You don’t need another super ADC carrying the team when you can finish the game in the 25th minute with an Aatrox, Irelia is strong early.

In short, Riot Games is letting things that are characteristic of some generals. Outfitting items, and creating too many almighty characters in League of Legends. Riot games himself has announced that they will have a huge update to the store and items in pre-season 2021. Perhaps the father of League of Legends should balance it, reduce the number of items with stats of cooldown reduction. Because it is gradually becoming out of control and ramping up every server, and rank.