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Riot Games launches new skins and revives the game mode

Riot Games launches new skins and revives the game mode

Riot Games launches new skins and revives the game mode

Recently on the homepage of PBE, Riot Games has simultaneously launched eight new costumes under the theme Arcanist. Besides, Riot Games has also revived the “Raid the main house” mode for players in League of Legends

LoL launches 8 outfits in 3 universes of Magician, Hell, Conquer

On the recent PBE server, Riot Games has released a series of 8 new costumes belonging to the Arcanist themes (Magica – Along with the Universe with Ziggs, the Great Wizard, and Lux Sorceress), Conquer, and Hell. In particular, Conquer Nautilus is a skin that has been revealed by Riot Games for a long time. This is also a costume honoring the champions of League of Legends Spring 2020 after the MSI 2020 was officially canceled. And the series of Hell skin has also been “leaked” from before.

Only the line of Magica costumes is not in the prediction of the gaming community. And more noticeably, this outfit also comes with a branded version of the Magic Zoe Zoe. The ultimate Brand Clothing in Riot Game’s first half of the 2020 skin plan.

Although MSI 2020 was not held, however, Riot Games decided to launch a new series of Conquerors this year. And the owner of this costume belongs to Nautilus. He is the champion who has been storming in the professional arena for nearly 2 years.

It is worth mentioning that the 25% of the proceeds from Conqueror Nautilus will be shared equally among the 12 teams of the region’s Spring championships, in honor of their accomplishments this past season.

Riot officially revives the Raid House mode games – Uses Lonia map to introduce new champions

Raid Mode has been available on the PBE server and will soon be available to gamers worldwide. Raid Mode is the most attractive game mode ever created by Riot Games. It has too many types of equipment, features, and even small special events in the game. Surely we still remember the “running” extremely stressful, 1v1 matches or enjoy the two main houses suddenly come back to life and rush to beat each other.

The removal of this mode has made gamers extremely regretful. Because it meets most of the needs of gamers such as enough entertainment, certain “try-hard” or many new things. So when Riot Games announced that they would bring back special modes along with big League of Legends events in 2020, many gamers mentioned the Raid Mode.

And gamers no longer have to wait too long when this mode has been detected on the PBE server. Specifically, Riot Games updated the PBE server a few hours ago and among the newly added files. It has discovered a whole new series of cylindrical and soldier images, even the Raid map. The new Raid Mode under the theme of Ionia shows that the regime is very close to players already.

With the release of 10.13 coming to the official server, players can understand that new updates such as costumes, balance adjustments, or the Raid House mode as above are all tested for version 10.14. And as Riot games announced earlier this year, they only added a special mode to the game. Only when it was the content that accompanies a major League of Legends event.