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Rise of Industry Guide – Tips And Tricks For Newbies

Rise of Industry

Rise of Industry

After a long time in Alpha and Early Access, Rise of Industry has finally released v1.0. If you are just starting out with a business tycoon sim or can come back to a sim once it has been updated, check out our guide for more tips and tricks on how to make your trade work. out as smoothly as possible. We’ve got tips on getting started with the basics, where to build, how to make and save money, and more.

Controls & Keyboard Shortcuts

Rise of Industry


  • R (placing) – Rotate building placement
  • Shift+LMB – Build multiples of a building
  • B – Demolition mode
  • R – Build road
  • X – Copy building
  • Shift+X – Copy building (including products and destination settings)
  • I – Flatten earth tool
  • O – Raise/lower earth tool


  • Tab – Display settlement names, building types, resources (click to cycle through)
  • G – Display grid
  • Alt – Display bubbles of production 
  • F11 – Hide UI (for your screenshots)


  • 1-5 – Set game speed
  • Space – Pause
  • Esc – Open menu
  • F5/F7 – Quicksave/quickload
  • F12 – Take screenshot

Difficulty Setting Guide

Swallow your pride – The difficulty setting ‘Newcomer’ is so named for a reason. Use it. It will affect many variables, such as pollution levels, transportation costs, and maintenance costs by only 50% while increasing the number of resources available and the value of the product.

Rise of Industry is a complicated game with lots of systems to learn, so start here and work your way up as you gain more experience. When you dig deep into most systems, you will probably find Newbie a bit difficult, then you can move on.

Choose Starting Town

You might be tempted to get started, but don’t just blindly move anywhere. The game will get you on the right track, starting to focus on the biggest town. But there may be other towns of similar size on the map – you’re looking for towns with populations in excess of 100k, as these have an extra store.

Take a look at all the available stores and make your decision based on the products they buy and the resources available in that area (select a town name for an overview of this). If you can produce what they’re buying using nearby resources, you’re a winner.

Rise of Industry

Another thing to consider is that each area on the map requires a permit, which can be quite expensive. However, your first one is free, so by choosing that one for your headquarters you can save money.

From a practical standpoint, setting up shop in a fairly central location can also be beneficial – this provides more accessible transport links to other towns on the map. If you’re cornered, this puts you at a disadvantage supplying towns at the opposite end until you’ve properly set up there.

It’s likely that you’ll rarely find the “perfect” location, but do your best to weigh all of the above factors and choose accordingly.

Choosing What To Produce

Rise of Industry

Check out the shops and farmers markets in your chosen town plan in advance. For example, when deciding what kind of livestock to raise, you’d ideally want to be able to whip up all of the animal products – chickens and eggs; beef, leather and milk, wool and sheep. If a town requires all products of a certain animal, that is the product to choose.