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RNG vs EDG Prediction – 2021 WC Quarterfinals – 10/22

RNG vs EDG Prediction

RNG vs EDG prediction on October 22, 2021. The match between RNG vs EDG is considered quite even. Both are not performing well in the second leg and both received a 4-2 result after the group stage. Sorry for the LPL as their two strong contenders met again so early.

RNG Overview

RNG vs EDG Prediction

The MSI 2021 champion went through an impressive series of matches in the group stage of the LPL Summer 2021 before being defeated by LNG Esports in the Playoffs. This failure shows that RNG still has weaknesses that can be easily exploited, especially in the Cryin position.

EDG Overview

RNG vs EDG Prediction

There were a lot of people who believed that FPX would beat EDG to become the champion at LPL Summer 2021. But EDG showed their true strength in the finals to come to the Worlds tournament as the seed. 1 breed of the LPL region. In this season, EDG owns too many excellent individuals who can create mutations. Allowing them to deploy the game with many different tactical options.

RNG vs EDG Prediction

Mid-lane is the most important area in the current meta of League of Legends. But Cryin still proved difficult compared to other top mid laners at Worlds. In return, the power in the two wings is the biggest fulcrum in RNG’s lineup. Xiaohu always knows how to put pressure on the opponent and create a great advantage in teamfights in the mid-game. He is also ready to use weird cards to make the opponent unable to react. 

Meanwhile, GALA is playing extremely mature and sure with class performances throughout the last season. Currently, RNG has entered the quarterfinals with first place in Group C.

RNG vs EDG Prediction

Scout, Flandre, and Meiko have all had impressive performances this past season. However, the brightest star in EDG’s lineup is none other than ADC Viper. With the ability to farm well, choose a reasonable position, and extremely high output damage. Viper is the perfect sniper model that any team wants to own, and he is also the most dangerous detonator of EDward Gaming at Worlds 2021. Currently, EDG is in the Quarterfinals with 2nd place in Group B.

If Xiaohu is above Flandre, Cryin has a bit of a difficult time compared to an experienced Scout. Wei and Jiejie’s performance is also equal at this point. Wei is more control-oriented and Jiejie will want to use more damage champions to hit the top half. The bot lane duo of both sides is also worth watching. Viper has always been the number 1 AD carry in the LPL while GALA is a formidable challenger. RNG will focus resources on Xiaohu, and EDG will definitely still raise Viper and compete with elemental dragons very soon.

RNG vs EDG Bet Prediction

RNG vs EDG total score prediction:

  • Game 1: EDG wins
  • Game 2: RNG wins
  • Game 3: RNG wins
  • Game 4: EDG wins
  • Game 5: EDG wins

Total score 2-3

First blood:

  • Game 1: RNG
  • Game 2: RNG
  • Game 3: RNG
  • Game 4: RNG
  • Game 5: EDG

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: RNG 6 – 16 EDG
  • Game 2: RNG 17 – 8 EDG
  • Game 3: RNG 19 – 10 EDG
  • Game 4: RNG 7 – 17 EDG
  • Game 5: RNG 11 – 19 EDG


RNG: Xiaohu, Gala, Wei, Cryin, Ming

EDG: Flandre, Jiejie, Viper, Junjie, Scout, Xiaguang, Meiko