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RNG vs Fnatic Prediction – World Group C – 10/12

RNG vs Fnatic Prediction

RNG vs Fnatic prediction on October 12, 2021. Although quite impressed with Fnatic’s performance in the last LEC Summer 2021 season. The house cannot take them seriously in this match when the opponent is Royal Never Give Up. In the last matches of the last LPL Summer 2021 season, the Royal Never Give Up players showed that their performance is back and not too much inferior to the rest of the teams in the region.

RNG Overview

RNG vs Fnatic Prediction

Royal Never Give Up advanced to the group stage of the 2021 World Championship this time as the third representative team from the China region. Along with being the team that won the championship in the Mid-Season Invitational 2021, the house believes that Royal Never Give Up will not be underestimated in this tournament.

The table of the Royal Never Give Up players is somewhat easy to breathe when most of the opponents are rated lower than them. So if you can promote your strength well, the chance for Royal Never Give Up to take the number one position on the rankings is very large.

Fnatic Overview

RNG vs Fnatic Prediction

Fnatic had a surprising performance in the group stage of the LEC Summer 2021 season when going from the losing bracket to the final. However, unfortunately, they could not succeed to bring surprises in that last match. They only got themselves the runner-up position. However, this achievement was enough for the Fnatic players to get a place to compete in the group stage of this 2021 World Championship tournament.

In my group, Fnatic’s strength is not the strongest, but it is not too weak. If there is adequate preparation and good performance, Fnatic has a chance to get a ticket to the playoffs.

RNG vs Fnatic Prediction

The early game is probably the time when Fnatic wants to surprise the opponent the most. The first win rate of up to 68% shows that they often have to force fights or steal resources to be able to find an initial advantage in the kills over their opponents. Even Fnatic’s head dragon stats are very high, they also often aim to increase the strength with the first dragon soul to serve as a fulcrum for the next stalking phase. 

RNG vs Fnatic Prediction

However, this is only successful in the LEC while Royal Never Give Up is on a completely different level. The proportions of messengers, Barons, and turrets are controlled by Royal Never Give Up, respectively. They are also alert enough to know where Fnatic’s head will be lurking to have countermeasures to counter the fight right after. 

The match against PSG Talon recently pointed out the bad points of RNG so that they can quickly overcome. As the seeded team in this group, Royal Never Give Up will want to aim for the top at all costs. And when defeating Fnatic’s plan early, the period after Royal Never Give Up will be extremely comfortable to navigate the game as desired. Once the Cryins, GALA have the necessary equipment on their bodies.

RNG vs Fnatic Bet Prediction

RNG vs Fnatic total score prediction:

Game 1: Royal Never Give Up

Total score 1-0

First blood:

Game 1: Royal Never Give Up

Total kills:

Game 1: Royal Never Give Up 19-13 Fnatic

First Dragon:

Game 1: Fnatic

First Baron:

Game 1: Royal Never Give Up


Royal Never Give Up: Xiaohu, GALA, Wei, Cryin, Ming

Fnatic: Adam, Upset, Bwipo, Nisqy, Hylissang