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Rocket League: How To Play For Beginners

Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League was finally released for free during its fifth anniversary. If you are new to it and are looking to get to know the competitive playlist right away, here’s our RL beginner’s guide to basics learning and setting yourself up. to achieve future success on the field.

Rocket League: Battle-Car

Rocket League

Let’s talk about your ride. There’s a huge list of combat vehicles to choose from; however, there are only six hitbox classes available in Rocket League. Those are Octane, Dominus, Plank, Breakout, Hybrid, and Merc (the latest addition to the game). This means that while these cars look different, many of them perform the same on the pitch.

The most competitively used hitbox in the game is Octane. Its average height and length allow it to perform well in most situations. Also, it has the most customization options available for it.

It’s not difficult to compete in high rankings, such as the Grand Champion and the Supersonic Legend, using other combat vehicles. Just because Octane is the most popular doesn’t mean it’s objectively best; it just happened to be the favorite product of experts.


One of the most basic skills that will take you to the next level of play in Rocket League is pulling aerials. This is to use your power to fly and take off into the air like a rocket. You can use this skill to fly and hit the ball in mid-air to save or shoot.

Here are the steps on how to do the Aerial:

  • Jump up.
  • Roll your wheelchair backward so your car is facing the sky.
  • Hold your boost button.
  • Control your car mid-air using the steering control (left analog stick or WASD).
  • Feathering Your Boost

Once you have aeration, you can prolong the air time and make it more effective by using the hair feature. This is the term used to refer to the touch of a button or to apply sparing up your overhead.

As you can see from the examples above, feathers allow the player to fly across the entire field without using up the midfield and not flying too high.

Rocket League: Training

Rocket League

While it’s more fun to drop yourself into the Rocket League game after game, it’s more effective if you take the time to join Free Play and the training pack when you want to improve your abilities.

While nothing can help you prepare for real-game scenarios, you only have plenty of opportunities to try out a particular shot or save mid-match. During the training, you can update the essentials first so that in a game with a rating, you are more capable and confident.

In Free Play, you can hit the ball around the court until your heart is satisfied. This is great for new players who need to get used to the controls of their vehicles and the physics of the game.

There are three training scenarios developed by Psyonix itself. These are the basic packages that focus on shooting (Aerial), defense (Goalie), and shoot (Striker). You should complete all of these.

Custom Training Zones is a library of training packages created by Psyonix and the Rocket League community. You can find regular Cyclic Featured Packages, “Browse” packages with training code (as shown above) and you can even “Favorites” and “Create” your own.