July 31, 2021


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Rogue team: What is a big candidate for the World’s Championship 2020?

RGE in the playoff round of the world championship

RGE in the playoff round of the world championship

The group stage of LEC Summer 2020 has officially ended, and after all, the first place is the Rogue team (RGE) in the end. In addition, due to the changes to the playoff format of the LEC summer 2020 and the elimination of the regional finals, the Rogue team is officially the first team to qualify for this year’s Worlds Championship. 

Rogue team in the playoff round of the world championship
RGE in the playoff round of the world championship


The Rogue team tried to give more missions to the two solo laners, Larssen and Finn, especially in the mid-game on how to play the champions they use and the champions we want them to play. Before that, it was mostly Vander and AD carry Hans Sama who talked about this, but RGE has been actively working with both Finn and Larssen.

The Rogue team helped them train hard so that Larssen and Finn learned where they can make small mid-game calls, and RGE can play with them more easily this way. Vander thinks it’s a lot easier for Larssen to farm more than the opponent and lets us play around him and make sure he’s safe.

A change in the roster division of the Rogue team
A change in the roster division of the RGE


After last season, all the teams that played in the LEC were not good enough. All of them are good players, but Origen, Fnatic, and G2 Esports are all better than many others. In the Spring Split, I felt that Rogue Team‘s level was on par with MAD Lions back then, but couldn’t beat stronger teams. All it takes is an RGE to play better. RGE must step up together and do small things to become more competitive.

To make it into the play-off of LEC Summer 2020 is quite easy. But to understand that wanting to go somewhere better like Worlds. RGE doesn’t worry about post-season too much; The RGE should be there no matter what. The worry was about beating out teams that were stronger than the Rogue Team in the Spring Split, but they did.

There is no difficulty stopping them Rogue team
There is no difficulty stopping them


In fact, there are no support players that make Rogue Team particularly afraid, but in Europe, some players have options that are very good at them, so make sure not to lose the chance. Good choices in picks and bans. Examples are Pyke in the hands of Fnatic’s Hylissang and the good Blitzcranks and Bard players in the tournament. Those champions can carry the whole game, so if the player knows that someone has put the time and effort into playing that champion well, then he can carry it and you have to give it up. they have a chance to do so.

Overall, terrifying support is winning lane and likes to roam to support his teammates. Some players don’t get out of their lane too much even when they’re winning, so as their opponents, the Rogue team can playback in their lane and nothing bad happens.

For Rogue Team fearsome support always hides his own skills
For Rogue Team fearsome support always hides his own skills

However, when a support player clears vision while in the lead and moves mid-lane multiple times, you can’t track them either, causing chaos and uncertainty in team communication. because you can’t tell if your mid laner should push or not. Those are two scary things a support player can do: play aggressively in a good laning match, and someone who can take advantage of the shadows. Saying that Hans Sama and don’t really think that happens to me often.