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Rumors of Halo Infinite Xbox One Version Canceled!

Halo Infinite

Information related to Halo Infinite has indeed been popping up a lot lately. Of course this is natural, considering that it is one of the spearheads of Xbox to compete with Sony in 2021.

But unfortunately, this game made by 343 Industries actually got a negative response from the fans. This is because the graphics of the game stretchers are very bad.

Especially when they found out that it was indeed quite awaited by fans all this time.The gameplay of the game itself was first shown by Microsoft a few months ago at the Xbox Game Showcase event.

Halo Infinite won’t release for Xbox One?

343 Industries Patrols Rumors that  Halo Infinite for Xbox One Version Canceled 

In fact, it can be said that it is very suitable to be said as a next-gen game. Moreover, we all know that the game is one of the console spearheads to compete with Sony in the future. This also inevitably made 343 Industries have to postpone the release of the game.

Initially, it was scheduled to be released simultaneously with the Xbox Series X. However, it has now been postponed to 2021. Apart from that, rumors have recently surfaced saying that the game will be canceled for the Xbox One version.

343 Industries dismissed rumors that it won’t be releasing for the Xbox One

However, the Industries also dismissed the news directly. 343 Industries – Community manager John Junyszek said “no” to the rumors. Previously, John had also denied the rumors that the game would only be released for the Xbox Series X / S and PC.

The game itself is planned to be released in the fall of 2021. The Industries is currently trying to continue to develop the game to meet the expectations of the fans so far. They will completely overhaul the graphics of the game.

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