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Rus Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4 Tips – Game Guide

Rus Civilization

Rus Civilization

Rus is one of the best-resourced civilizations in Age of Empires 4. Rus Civilization is an economic powerhouse and can quickly dominate the map. They are experts in the wilderness who can tame the land quickly. Furthermore, they can defend their vast lands with wooden fortresses and upgraded wooden walls.

Rus Civilization Bonuses

  • Generate gold and increase the bounty for killing animals.
  • Higher Bonuses provide additional Food income from all sources.
  • Early Knight is available during the Feudal Age (II).
  • Palisades are stronger with double health.
  • Build Hunting Cabins – Improved Factories that spawn Scouts and generate Gold from nearby forests.
  • Build a Wooden Fort – Improved outpost with health and garrison replenishment locations.
  • Fishing boats do not need to return to the pier to return food.

This civilization rewards to aid in early resource gathering and an ambitious start to the game. Focus on hunting animals and finding resources to start with. This component is where the Hunting Cabinet perks come in handy and help you get the most out of the early game. 

Then quickly build defenses and troops to protect your resources. Use Wooden Forts to protect your civilization from enemies. These Wooden Forts function like outposts, but they can have upgraded lines of sight and more powerful attacks. Alternatively, they can garrison your units to protect your villagers and army units if an attack occurs.

Unique Units

  • Streltsy: Gunpowder units are stronger when stationary, have high melee attack power and can be trained to reduce costs.
  • Warrior Monk: Inspires nearby units in battle, providing extra armor and damage.
  • Ship Lodya: Can transform into any type of ship.

Streltsy is a unique military unit that makes Rus Civilization a fighting power. These Streltsy units will dominate other melee units and will do an excellent job of protecting your villagers. Additionally, Warrior Monks will be a combat support unit/religious unit. The Warrior Monks help your fellow warriors in combat and collect religious artifacts for you. 

When you combine Streltsy and Warrior Monks, they are a fearsome group of warriors. Finally, there is the Lodya train which is a variant of the standard train. 

They have unique stats, but they convert to any other type of ship at any point. Switching Lodya Ships isn’t very efficient, but it does allow you to trade your fishing boats for a stronger navy unit late in the game.

Rus Civilization Throughout The Ages

Age One

Start the game by gathering resources and building an economy. Also, start designing your fortifications and crafting army units.

Age Two

Two landmarks you can choose from in the feudal era are the Golden Gate and the Kremlin. Golden Gate will allow you to exchange resources at a better rate and generate an additional amount of exchange every minute. The Kremlin abilities as an upgraded Wooden Fortress.

The better choice is usually the Golden Gate, as it increases your economic potential. The second age will be when you focus on strengthening your economy and fortifications.

Age Three

The two landmarks in the castle are the Monastery of the Holy Trinity and the High Commercial Building. The Abbey of the Trinity acts like a monastery and allows you to upgrade your religious units. High Trade House is an upgraded Hunter Cabin that spawns deer every 60 seconds.

The better choice of the two is the Abbey as it gives your religious units an upgrade and will greatly help your troops.

Age Four – Rus Civilization

Age of Empires has two landmarks to choose from, Spasskaya Tower and the High Arms Workshop. Spasskaya Tower works like a structure but with improved stats. High Armory reduces siege weapon costs and features unique siege technologies.

Either one is a good choice depending on how you want to win. If you don’t want to win domination, then choose Spasskaya Tower. Towers are the best way to protect a Landmark or sacred site.