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Sackboy: A Big Adventure Guide – Things To Know Before Started

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

With the release of PS5, bringing new experiences to all types of players. For those interested in platform games with a bit of a challenge, Sackboy: A Big Adventure offers a fresh and exciting take on the iconic PlayStation mascot.

Knitted Knight Trials

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Throughout the campaign, certain levels contain a collection that resembles gold blocks. Collecting these gold blocks during the main levels will grant access to new areas known as the Knitted Knight Trials. These completely optional tests will test the ability to build the foundation, providing later levels are much more difficult than any of the levels in the main campaign.

Scattered with obstacles and enemies, memorization and persistence are key. The player must navigate these areas within the allotted time to reach the orb. With three different timings to hit, repeat runs will be needed to master each course.

Music Is Incredible

An unexpected highlight in Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the soundtrack. The music captures the classic atmosphere of LittleBigPlanet while adding a unique twist as the journey continues. Many levels contain audio remixes as the player progresses through.

Take full advantage of the 3D sound of the PS5 version allowing for more immersive and clear sound. Some levels are even created around hit songs like Uptown Funk and Let’s Dance, focusing on creating the experience around the sound mechanics in a way the series has never seen before.

Full 3D Platformer – Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Unlike its predecessors, the LittleBigPlanet games, Sackboy strays from the 2.5D scene in terms of level design. Opting for a full three-dimensional delta instead, players can navigate these new playing fields in ways the series never thought possible.

This game has been built to accommodate the more modern type of platform experience and aims to increase the range of what is possible for players. Sackboy even has some new tricks at his disposal to tackle the more complicated worlds he encounters, including rolling and pounding the ground.

No Online Co-Op

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

One reason LittleBigPlanet is so appealing is in part because of how deeply ingrained the multiplayer feature is in the experience. While some aspects of the game could not be fully explored without the multiplayer feature, the developers regretfully informed players shortly before launch that the feature would not be available in the future. a time.

This means that until online is added, multiplayer won’t be able to finish the full game. The creator of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Sumo Digital, has announced that the online co-op game will launch in late 2020.

Create & Share Modes – Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Arguably the most favorite part of the original LittleBigPlanet franchise was the ability for players to access create & share modes. Users can play, create and share levels using a variety of tools provided. Levels remain in the “Imaginary Hemisphere”, meaning works from previous iterations can still be accessed as the franchise evolves and sequels are released.

In this Sackboy spin-off, these features are gone. Level design is now entirely designated for developers, a stark contrast to previous iterations of the franchise.