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Samurai Warriors 5 guide – Some tips we want to share

Samurai Warriors 5

Samurai Warriors 5 is finally here – the first numbered first installment in the series in nearly a decade. Apparently, during that time, Omega Force thought a lot about their Sengoku sister in the popular Dynasty Warriors series.

Play both game modes – Samurai Warriors 5

Samurai Warriors 5

The game has two main modes, Musou and Citadel. You also have the option to replay story missions in Free mode, though there’s little need for it unless you want to complete every side objective. The game encourages the player to swap between Musou and Citadel. Both modes are progressive and sync pretty well. 

However, we recommend focusing on Musou and clearing the first chapters of Nobunaga and Mitsuhide’s script before diving too deep into the Citadel. Unlocking certain progress will require you to hit the story milestone first.

Unlock every character

When playing through Musou mode in the game, complete all side quests. Our tip is to get through these as soon as they unlock. Not only will they give you another perspective on how the overarching story plays out, but they’ll also often add new playable characters to your roster.

Character progression – Samurai Warriors 5

Character development is based on some collected images. These things include EXP, Gold, Weapon Mastery, Skill Points, and Skill Points. Earning EXP will raise your overall level and allow you to buy better skills from each character’s unique skill tree (using Skill Points). As you play, you’ll naturally unlock new ranks for your equipped weapon, although this can be sped up using Weapon Mastery points.

Upgrade Castle – Samurai Warriors 5

Castles are also important when making progress. It includes a number of facilities that will strengthen you on the battlefield. At the Blacksmith, you will craft and upgrade weapons, grooving skills (these skills quickly become very important). Dojo allows you to train your character by spending EXP and Weapon Mastery Points. 

Meanwhile, Shops and Stables allow you to purchase items, resources, and mounts. Remember focusing on Musou mode first as what we said before. You won’t be able to upgrade your Castle until certain stages of the story are reached. This can result in you having loads of Gold and non-expendable materials, with heroes waiting to level up!

EXP, Gold, and Skill Points

Samurai Warriors 5

What is the best way to farm EXP, Weapon Mastery, Gold, Skill Points, and more in Samurai Warriors 5? Think about your downloads first. Play as officers with skills that increase the relegation rate. At the Blacksmith, forge weapons that also have these skills to maximize your chances of getting lots of loot. Doing short quests in Citadel mode will help you progress quickly. Here are the best skills for farming:

  • Collector – enemies drop more skill gems when you defeat them
  • Wealth – enemies drop more gold when you defeat them
  • Luck – good things are more likely to happen
  • Wisdom – increase EXP earned when defeating enemies

Use Ultimate Skills For Extra Gold 

Samurai Warriors 5

Ultimate Skill is a new combat tool that can help you easily earn Gold. These special attacks have one or more icons next to them in the menu, indicating which types of units they are particularly effective against. Defeat these units with Ultimate Skill and they will drop small bags of gold.