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Sands Of Salzaar Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Sands Of Salzaar

Sands Of Salzaar

Sands of Salzaar is a vast adventure, and it’s not always happy to tell you how it works. Progress is always an act of juggling, balancing fighting with relationships, uncovering the mysteries of the desert, and refining your skills. There’s a lot going on, so we’ve put together some helpful tips and tricks to get you started and make life a little easier.

Be Your Own Hero

Sands Of Salzaar

Sands of Salzaar gives you about a dozen heroes to choose from when you start, and one recommended hero for newbies, the Necromancer. This is an easy class to get used to with minimal social penalties, but you can choose another class if that interests you. In fact, if you don’t like the idea of ​​slow combat and using ranged spells in multiple levels, you might be better off picking a hero that’s more melee-oriented. The Necromancer was a bit difficult to use in combat for a while.

Just make sure to cover up your weakness in combat by recruiting the right heroes. However, your initial companion – assuming you have one – will be able to make up for your shortcomings, However, in general, you’ll want to find a ranged hero if you’re a fighter. melee soldier or a fighter if you are a ranged hero.

Be Nice – Sands of Salzaar

Sure, you can wage war against all the tribes in the desert. You may not be dead forever if you follow the previous advice, but you won’t benefit yourself in the long run. Instead, earning their favor opens up new potential quests and the chance to get some useful rewards, not to mention the chance to recruit new heroes for your team.

Always ask what you can do for the other person to see if they can do anything for you. “Gift” tells you what items they will receive, although you may lose interest in anything for a while. Better relationships mean more help in combat, so you should take care of your followers.

Also, keep in mind that your followers will rate you. For example, if you are challenged to fight and refuse or make choices they believe are wrong, it will harm your relationship with them. You can’t always please everyone, but you should still consider it.

Do The Character Quest

Sands Of Salzaar

Or at least don’t ignore them. You’ll unlock the first part of your character quest before the main narrative quest line appears, and there’s a good reason for that. 

While you can ignore it and focus on gathering resources or following the main story, the more interesting plot point of Sands of Salzaar lies in its characters. You will get a nuanced view of the world completing these quests along with the main scenario quests. It’s also a solid way to level up and recruit new heroes to deal with the challenges the plot poses for you.

Listen To The Game – Sands of Salzaar

Sands Of Salzaar

The game tells you what level you should be before exploring monster dens, dungeons, or any other experimental area, and it tends to be a bit spacious. In theory, you could take out a wolf den at level three with two party members. In fact, no, you can’t. Aim at least two levels higher than what you’re being told, and you should make it relatively unscathed.