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Satisfactory Guide – Tips & Tricks For New Players


Make sure the first few hours are satisfied with this tutorial! Satisfactory may have only just launched in Early Access, but it’s already resourcing management and factory game deep in the circuit of games like Factorio. However, with this depth, comes a lot of complexity. While there’s a guide to help you get started, it’s easy to feel bewildered when you first land in an unfamiliar world with the vague goal of discovering and building content. 

The Hotbar – Satisfactory 


In addition to the above hotkeys, you can use the number keys for the building hotkeys that you often use. Access your building menu with Q, hover over the building type, and press the number you want to use as the shortcut for that building type.

Milestones Reminder

Furthermore, for whatever you’re doing right now, whether it’s a new milestone or building a certain device, make sure to set yourself a reminder with to-do lists and milestones reminders in Satisfactory.

The first is activated by right-clicking on the item you want in the Equipment Workshop or build menu, and selecting ‘Add to the to-do list.’ This will pop up a small widget on the right side of the screen that lists all the items and resources you need to build it. You can track multiple things at once if you want, expanding or shrinking them as you go. For milestones, you can select them to display a reminder in the top right of the resource you need.

Fighting Hogs – Satisfactory 


Hogs can be a bit difficult to deal with at first. However, there are some effective ways to combat them. One of the most effective methods is to jump when they run towards you. The time is right and you can quickly look down in the air and hit them with your stun gun. Then the upper hand is yours.

Also, if you’re fast, you can dash to them before they do to you, running around them in a semicircle to stun them quickly from the side. When they’re stunned once it’s much easier to take them down.

Note that the pigs drop the alien shells. Keep these, as you will use them later.

Resource Nodes

Impure resource nodes have lower material output, only half that of normal nodes. Pure buttons, on the other hand, are double that of normal buttons. Try to find something better than an impure node if possible, as the end result will be much slower resource gathering and item creation.

Also, note that you must mine the aboveground resource sections manually before you can build a miner on them.

Power Poles – Satisfactory 


You will need poles to create an electrical network to keep all of your buildings running. It’s important to remember that each pole can only have four items connected to it by power lines – this includes the power that leads to that pole. You usually want to leave one of these spaces empty to connect to another pole and have three more slots to play.

Portable Miners

Build mobile miners from scratch from the Equipment Workshop in Satisfactory, equip them then deploy on a resource node. They will start drilling into the button on their own without power. You can go to them and collect the material they have collected, each resource can host up to 100 resources at a time.

While you will need less of the mobile miners, later on, they are a great solution to get resources early rather than digging on your own.