Game CMD 368

sAw vs hREDS Prediction – WILLIAM HILL CUP – 10/23

sAw vs hREDS Prediction

sAw vs hREDS prediction on October 23, 2021. Perhaps the hope for hREDS to be able to surprise sAw in this match is to pick Inferno, this map they have a stable win rate of 57% in the last 14 shots while sAw only owns 20% won in the last 10 games of this map.

sAw Overview

sAw vs hREDS Prediction

It is almost certain that sAw will be the handicap in this match, they own nearly double the opponent’s ranking at 57th position in the world. Statistics of the last 10 matches of sAw are also very impressive with 7 wins, so a weak opponent like hREDS can’t make it difficult for sAw at the moment. The two have only met once in a bo1 bet and that is also sAw’s victory, although this is a bo3 with superior strength, victory is within sAw’s reach.

hREDS Overview

sAw vs hREDS Prediction

hREDS is of course difficult to compare with the opponent when it is only the 102nd team in the world rankings. The performance at this time is not good enough to surprise in this match. Statistics show that in the last 10 matches they only won 4 matches but received 6 losses. If further analysis of hREDS matches also shows that most of their matches are unknown teams. So it wouldn’t be too surprised if they received a quick defeat against sAw.

sAw vs hREDS Prediction

sAw will almost certainly ban this map in the first turn, they don’t want the opponent to have any variables that endanger them. In the opposite direction hREDS will also respond to Ancient only, this map hREDS also does not perform well while sAw is extremely stable in terms of win rate.

In the remaining picks, hREDS and sAw don’t differ too much in terms of win rate. So the next bans/picks are almost nothing too significant to discuss. But the difference in level will make this match end quite quickly, in fact, hREDS does not have too many tactical battles. They also cover each other not well enough to surprise an experienced sAw. The individual skills of the hREDS players are also not good enough that almost winning solo situations belong only to sAw. 

sAw vs hREDS Prediction

But the most important point is that hREDS’s recent form is too bad, analyzing the recent matches they have broken down quite quickly despite starting on the T-side as well as on the CT-side. That proves the strength of this team is not good enough, hREDS’s fainting rate is quite high in losing games. It is enough to see that even if it has an advantage in terms of equipment, it can’t be overturned. 

The reason comes from being defeated by an opponent who is too far ahead in life. So even if you switch sides, you can’t remove it when the distance is very large.

sAw vs hREDS Bet Prediction

sAw vs hREDS total score prediction:

  • Game 1: sAw 1-0 hREDS
  • Game 2: sAw 1-0 hREDS

Total score 2-0 (sAw wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: sAw
  • Game 2: sAw

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: sAw 16-8 hREDS (Under)
  • Game 2: sAw 16-9 hREDS (Under)


sAw: MUTiRiS, stadodo, rmn, JUST, story

hREDS: xartE, Sm1llee, oopee, eDi, LYNXi