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sAw vs Team BLINK Prediction – ESEA Season 38 – 09/22

sAw vs Team BLINK Prediction

sAw vs Team BLINK Prediction

sAw vs Team BLINK prediction on September 22, 2021. There is still a chance to continue in Group A ESEA Season 38: Premier Division – EU. Even so, sAw will have to play their best when the last 3 matches they only won 1 and received 2 losses out of them.

sAw Overview

Confronting Team BLINK is even more challenging for sAw when in the previous 3 meetings, sAw only won 1 match. Things are very difficult for sAw and the path to the top 4 in Group A seems to be relatively far away.

According to the current assessment, it will be very difficult for sAw to beat Team BLINK in the context that their performance is showing obvious signs of decline. 4 consecutive defeats made the team’s mentality somewhat affected, in addition, sAw is currently ranked 58 in the world compared to Team BLINK’s 52.

Team BLINK Overview

Team BLINK is playing 2 more games than sAw, but they have played very well when they have 4 wins and only 1 loss. Ranked in 2nd place just behind DOUBLE PONEY, they are completely free to enter the bo3 with sAw, even if they play well, defeating the opponent does not seem to be a difficult task for Team BLINK.

Team BLINK they are in very high form when they won 5 of the last 6 matches. Having a very safe position in the top 4, their task is much simpler and just defeating sAw, the top 4 will be firmly in the hands of Team BLINK in Group A right now.

sAw vs Team BLINK Prediction

The balance of the two teams is not only in the rankings. But even in the winning rate of the competitive maps, once again showing a half-pounder. sAw while playing well in Nuke, Vertigo, and Ancient, Team BLINK responded with Overpass, Mirage, and Inferno. 

Dust2 is a map where both sides have a 33% win balance. So it’s clear from just looking at the stats that this is a win-lose match. Each team will get themselves at least 1 forehand map before entering the tense 3rd game. Round pistols also witnessed the fierce competition of the 2 teams. sAw has good skills but Team BLINK plays as a team, better together than this time.

Team BLINK’s performance is very high and the 5 rounds win can be difficult to predict. But towards the end, they will show their strength thanks to good cover situations that support each other. sAw in addition to the decline in performance affecting the skills of individuals. 

But the play of this team is also facing some problems, not being able to control key areas well. Going to the 3rd game, these weaknesses will be very obvious and also cause them to lose important key rounds into the hands of Team BLINK.

sAw vs Team BLINK Bet Prediction

sAw vs Team BLINK total score prediction: 1 – 2

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Team BLINK
  • Game 2: sAw 
  • Game 3: sAw 

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: sAw 12 – 16 Team BLINK (Choose Team BLINK – Over)
  • Game 2: sAw 16 – 9 Team BLINK (Choose sAw – Under)
  • Game 3: sAw 11 – 16 Team BLINK (Choose Team BLINK – Over)


sAw: story, JUST, MUTiRiS, rmn, Stadodo

Team BLINK: rigoN, sinnopsyy, SENER1, juanflatroo, gxx-